Submission Guidelines

Poetry24 is a blog for news-related and topical poetry.

Do you have something to say about current events in the world? Can you say it evocatively, with passion, compassion and/or humour? Can you make people see things from a wider perspective or take them right into the heart of the matter? 

Read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

All poems must relate to a RECENT news item. (Ideally within the last week or two, although I'll occasionally consider poems on the anniversary of a significant event)

Send a maximum of two poems in the body of an email, to with 'Submission' and title of your poem(s) in the subject line.

You MUST include with every submission:

1. The title of the poem and your name or pen-name

2.  A hyperlink to a recent online news item which inspired the poem or gives the background facts to the issue you are writing about - remember not all readers will know them!

3. 30-word biography  You are welcome to include your blog, website address and/or Twitter name.  Even if you have submitted before it's really helpful if you include this every time.

Poems can be in any style but should be in English. Submissions must not have been previously published - even on your own blog. Poems should, ideally, be no more than 40 lines in length. Although exceptions will be made made the editor's discretion. 

I am happy to consider submissions in video format (e.g. YouTube) for publication, providing a simultaneous posting date can be agreed. Please send a hyperlink to your video clip or audio file.

If you would like a particular image to go with your poem, please attach it to your submission as a jpeg - no larger that 1mb please. Please confirm in your email that you have the necessary rights to use any images you send. 

I will aim to let you know whether your poem is going to be used within a week of receipt - but, given the nature of Poetry24, this will often be much quicker. If you haven't heard from me after seven days, please contact me.

The number of poems that get posted in a single day will depend on the number and quality of appropriate submissions received. Generally I'll publish one poem a day. Sorry, but Poetry24 does not offer payment for poems on this site.

The small print
Poetry24 reserves the right to alter Submission Guidelines at any time.
Copyright for all poems remains with the author. Poems will be kept in the archives but I am happy to remove them after 3 months if you ask me to.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Martin (Ed)