A-Z of Featured Poets

This is a list of poets whose work has featured in Poetry24, with links to their own sites:

Aaron Murdoch is from Wirral, and performs poetry widely around Merseyside.

Abigail Elizabeth Rowland lives in Redruth in Cornwall where she writes poetry and short fiction and does her best to remain positive.

Afric McGlinchey won the prestigious Hennessy Poetry Award (2011). Her début collection,
The lucky star of hidden things, was published in 2012 by Salmon Poetry.

AiJ lives and writes in the beautiful Cheshire countyside. Having read at venues across the North West over the past two years, AiJ is now attempting to get work published

Ajit Sherawat is presently working as a Preventive officer with customs and presently posted at Gurgaon. He follows his passion of writing ardently.

Alan Lambert is 33 and originally from Dublin. A relative newbie to poetry, the above is the second poem he's written.

Alina Macneal lives in Philadelphia. Her poems have appeared in Apiary Magazine, Poems for the Writing, The World to Come, and other anthologies.

Amy Barry has been a regular contributor to Poetry24. She writes poetry and short stories. When not writing or gathering inspiration, Amy loves to travel. Trips to Mumbai, Katmandu, Beijing, Osaka, Bali, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Crispiano and Falkenberg have all infused her work.

Ana Garza G'z has an M. F. A. from California State University, Fresno. 35 of her poems have appeared in various anthologies and journals, with one forthcoming in Magnolia Journal.

Andrew Rihn is the author of several slim volumes of poetry, including "The Rust Belt MRI (Pudding House). He lives in Canton, OH.

Andy N has a website, a blog and pages on facebook, myspace and youtube.
His current band is 'A Means to an End' and he has a project with Amanda Silbernagel.

Anjum Wasim Dar was born in Srinagar Kashmir. A refugee migrant to Pakistan, she was
educated at St Annes Convent Rawalpindi. She is a published and award winning poet.

Anna is passionate about her world and writes about her feelings in both poetry and prose.  She lives in the UK and for personal reasons, prefers to remain just 'Anna.'

Anne Marie Butler is a published poet and landscape artist. She lives in a rural village of west Wales. She has a passion for language, her descriptive skills bring economy and colour.

Antonia Hart is a freelance journalist. She also writes at The Anti-Room, and lives in Dublin.

Antoine Cassar is a Maltese poet and translator, recipient of the 2009 United Planet writing prize. His latest book is Bejn / Between (Skarta, 2011), with parallel English translation by Éire Stuart, Alex Vella Gera and himself.

Anthony Baverstock is from Colchester, reputed home of Humpty-Dumpty.

Asef Hossaini

Barbara Gabriel was raised along Highway 61 in Minnesota, Barbara ran away to sea, living and working around the world. She curses like a sailor and loves a well-fitting pair of boots.

Bill Dawson has written for theatre, TV and film. He also writes and performs poetry, is a story teller and was previously a stand up comedian.

Bob Cooper won 5 pamphlet Competitions between 1994 and 2000. He’s just won another and a Pamphlet will be published by Ward Wood later this year. His last full length collection is still available here.

Breda Wall Ryan has poems in several journals and anthologies. She was shortlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize 2010.

Brent Calderwood is a Lit Editor for A&U Magazine and Associate Editor at Lambda Literary, currently divides his time between San Francisco and Atlanta, and between poetry and writing that pays the bills.

Brigid O'Connor is an Irish writer. She writes short stories and poetry. Her work has been broadcast on Irish radio and her stories have been included in anthologies and literary publications.

Caroline Hurley has had poems published in e-magazine, The Electric Acorn. She recently returned to post-graduate psychology studies and has also written a novel, short stories, and both a stage and screenplay

Carolyn Cornthwaite writes poetry sporadically or relentlessly (depending on the season) and is influenced by travel, former careers and people watching. She dreams of Booker Prizes and a life in France. Twitter: @carolyn_corny

Cath Nichols has a PhD from Lancaster University. She is now over-qualified for almost everything except a job in academia or libraries, and - oh! Look at those jobs vanish. Never mind.

Cathy Bryant co-edits the annual anthology 'Best of Manchester Poets', and her collection 'Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature' was published by Puppywolf in 2010.

Charlene Langfur is an organic gardener and a graduate of the S.U. graduate writing program. Her portfolio, includes an ebook literary mystery, THE SAMANTHA PAPERS offered by Smashwords.

Charlie Lambert is a former journalist and sports broadcaster who turned to a different form of media in 2016 when he started writing poetry. He lives in Liverpool.

Chris Lawrence lives with his muse in West Kirby and writes, having been published in many journals internationally and can be found on twitter @clawfish.

Christine Laennec lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is a Gaelic enthusiast – amongst other things!

Clare Kirwan is a co-founder of Poetry24 but has been dormant for the last couple of years like a hibernating dormouse / volcano... you choose

Clare McCotter has had poetry published in numerous journals including Abridged, Algebra of Owls, Boyne Berries, Crannóg, Cyphers, Envoi, The Galway Review, The Honest Ulsterman, Iota, Moth Magazine, A New Ulster, Revival, The SHOp, The Stinging Fly and The Stony Thursday Book. She also writes haiku, tanka and haibun.

Cleveland Wall is a poet, actor, and mail artist from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in Schuylkill Valley Journal, Möbius magazine, and online in New Purlieu Review. Twitter: @clevelandwall

Colin Watts is author of four collections of poems. He works in Adult Learning and is not a millionaire.

Colleen Redman states, "In the same way a baby puts everything in his mouth to see what it is like, I put words on paper."

Craig Guthrie Craig is from Wirral, UK.

Csilla Toldy has had stories and poetry published in The Black Mountain Review, Southword, Fortnight, Poetry Monthly, and Strictly Writing Award.

D. Brian Craig is a native of Michigan, does research at Children's Hospital of Michigan, and is studying for his MFA in creative writing at Goddard College, Vermont.

Damien Healy is from Dublin in Ireland but has lived in Osaka, Japan for the past twenty years. He has been published in Poetry 24, Spinozablue and The Ofipress to name a few.

Darrell Petska is a Madison, Wisconsin writer of poetry and fiction. He worked for many years as communications editor for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dave Viney is a Mancunian performance poet has performed for BBC Manchester, currently performing in Amateur Thematics / Lowry Theatre and can be contacted at Vineypoet@hotmail.co.uk

David Bateman had his most recent book, Shtum: The Stutter Poems published by Iron Press, 2016. It's available from Iron Press, Amazon and elsewhere. ‘punchy poems... told with wit and invention’ – The Crack Magazine.

David Caruso began writing haiku and tanka after taking a course in Buddhist poetry of Japan under the late Professor William LaFleur.

David Francis Barker says, 'I try to paint, write poetry, prose, sometimes music - I guess that makes me an artist.'

David J. Costello lives in Wallasey, Merseyside, and is co-organiser of local poetry venues “Bards of New Brighton” and “Liver Bards”. David has been widely published and won the 2011 Welsh Poetry Competition.

David Mellor is from Liverpool, England. He found understanding and belief through words, and his work has been aired widely, at the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between. Discover more about David on his Facebook Page YouTube Twitter: @olunikat

David Subacchi lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool and has 4 published collections of his English Language poetry: First Cut (2012), Hiding in Shadows (2014), Not Really a Stranger (2016) and A Terrible Beauty (2016) as well as a collection in Welsh: Eglwys Yng Nghremona (2016).

Debbie Hall is a psychologist and writer whose poetry has appeared in a number of literary journals. She is the author of the poetry collection, "What Light I Have" (2017, Main Street Rag Books).

Deirdre Cartmill had her first collection 'Midnight Solo' published by Lagan Press and her second collection will be published later this year. She is based in Belfast.

Dominic Berry is winner of Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam, author of 'Tomorrow, I Will Go Dancing', Dominic's Arts Council funded poetry show 'Wizard' will tour through 2012, commencing at Manchester's Contact in March

Douglas Polk is a poet living in the wilds of central Nebraska with his wife and son, two dogs and three cats. Polk has had over 1000 poems published in hundreds of publications.

E R Olsen writes poetry and practices law in Nevada, in the U.S., where he lives with his wife and four children. His poems have appeared in several U.S. journals, most recently in Viking.

Elizabeth Soule is a retired Head Teacher and I belong to Poetry Aloud, in Bury St Edmunds. 'Poetry is how I process my reactions to the world.'

Elvis McGonagall has appeared at venues and festivals all over the UK. He's a winner of the World Slam championship, and occasionally performs on BBC Radio 4’s “Saturday Live.”

Erika Dreifus lives in New York City. Her poems have appeared in American Journal of Nursing, Christian Science Monitor, Moment magazine, and others. She is the author of Quiet Americans: Stories.

Fran Hill is a writer and English teacher based in Warwickshire, UK.

Francisco Rebollo (aka flycisco) @flycisco is a writer, poet, pilot, surfer and father of a young boy. A Mexican living in Ireland, he writes poetry and is currently working on his first novel working title: 'Propdogs'

Gabrielle Bryden is an Australian poet published in Ripples, Speedpoets, Extempore magazines; Cherry Blossom Review, Lunarosity, Divan, Bolts of Silk, Third Eye, Specusphere ezines; and on national ABC Radio.

Geoffrey Datson is a poet, singer-songwriter and composer. He has released several solo albums of spoken word works and song.

Geraldine Green has read and been published in the UK, USA, Italy and Greece. Her latest collection The Other Side of the Bridge was published in July 2012.

Gil Hoy is a Boston poet and trial lawyer who is studying poetry at Boston University through its Evergreen program. Hoy received a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Boston University, an M.A. in Government from Georgetown University, and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. He served as a Brookline, Massachusetts Selectman for four terms. Hoy’s poetry has appeared, most recently, in Ariel Chart, The Penmen Review, Right Hand Pointing/One Sentence Poems, The New Verse News and Clark Street Review.

Greg Brimblecombe is currently residing in New Zealand. He has not escaped yet. He has been writing poetry for over 20 years and at present co ordinates a Poetry group on a beautiful bush clad Penisula.

Greg Gibson is set to graduate from LJMU in July 2011. He appears sporadically on the Liverpool poetry scene and is continuing to study a Masters in writing.

Gwen Seabourne is an academic specialising in medieval legal history, who has also published poems and stories in magazines and books, and on the radio, and has read at events including the Bristol International Poetry Festival.

Hamish Mack is a New Zealander, a part-time microbiology technician. Aghast at the world as it careers down this very strange timeline.

Heather Wastie is a wordsmith, humorist and musician with a rich professional life as poet, composer, singer, songwriter, keyboard player and facilitator.

Helena Nolan is published in anthologies and literary magazines including; The Stinging Fly, The Moth, and the Spoken Ink audio website. Last year she was runner-up in the Patrick Kavanagh Award.

Ian Nenna is fairly new to writing poetry. He has strong connections to Birkenhead and performs around Merseyside. More of his work is on WriteOutLoud

Ian Whiteley is a performance poet from Wigan. He has had 2 poetry collections published and has released 3 CD’s of poetry/music. He is also ¼ of the performance poetry group, Bard Company.

Isaac Black has poems published or forthcoming in journals like the Beloit Poetry Journal, Callaloo, and Poetry Quarterly. He's been awarded New York poetry fellowships.

Jackie Biggs has had poetry published in many magazines and anthologies, both print and online. Her first collection is The Spaces in Between (2015). She blogs at: The Spaces in Between. Twitter: @JackieNews

John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer. He served 27 years with the U.S. State Department, in ten countries. An aspiring novelist for several years, he has completed four novels, and has published his poetry and fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.

Jaki McCarrick has published poetry and short stories. Her play, Leopoldville, was a finalist in the 2010 Yale Drama Series Playwriting Competition and won the 2010 Papatango New Writing Award.

James Bessant was born in Hillingdon and brought up first in the greyscale of the London suburbs before moving to the technicolour of the West Country

James Schwartz is a gay ex ‪Amish‬ poet and slam performer. His poetry has been published by various poetry journals including Poetry 24, Politiku, @7x20, Babel: The Multilingual Multicultural Online Journal, The New Verse News, Nostrovia! Poetry, piecejournal, Silver Birch Press blog, Diversity Rules Magazine, Eris Magazine, WritersResist.com and Science of Mind magazine.

Jan Harris lives in Nottinghamshire and writes poetry, flash fiction and short stories.  Her work has appeared in 14 Magazine, nth Position, Popshot, Mslexia and other places. 

Jane James works in Arts & Heritage in the West Midlands, spends too much time
on Twitter and is constantly surrounded by fish.

Jane Slavin is a former journalist, now council press officer, living in Plymouth. In her spare time, she is falling in love with words again by making her own stuff up!

Janine Booth lives in Hackney, East London. She writes and performs poetry, and has had three slim volumes of poetry published. Janine posts poems and political polemics at www.janinebooth.com

Jason T Richardson is a poet, comedian and artist who has supported John Cooper Clarke, performed live in a bed in the Bluecoat and  invented the tin opener. (One of these facts isn't true.)

Jess Green is a 22 year old poet facing full time unemployment but performing on every stage possible, held back only by bus fare.

Jessica Traynor is an Irish poet with poems published in New Irish Writing, The SHOp, The Moth and The Stinging Fly. She won the 2011 Listowel Writers Week Poetry Award.

Jim Bennett is the author of 67 books and proprietor of Poetry Kit. Jim tours throughout the year giving reading and performances of his poetry and songs.

Jinksy blogs as Napple Notes and Alias Jinksy.

John Goss You can explore John's talents at SOUNDCLOUD

Jo Maurits

John Newmark lives in St. Louis, Missouri, performing his poetry at local cafes. He is slightly obsessed with genealogy research; his militia ancestor later deserted, turning United Empire Loyalist.

John O'Malley was born in Limerick. Some years ago, he co-founded Bayside Writers, has contributed to several anthologies and magazines. Last year, Lapwing produced his 'Order of the Wild'.

John Saunders had his first collection, ‘After the Accident’ published in 2010 by Lapwing Press, Belfast. John is featured in  Measuring,  Dedalus New Writers (Dedalus Press, 2012). His second collection ‘Chance’ is to be published shortly.

Joshua Baumgarten is an ex-pat New Yorker living in Holland. He organises the Irrational Library evenings - nights of poetry, rock n roll and casual chaos, and performs as a Standup Spoken Word artist.

J.M. Green is the author of two chapbooks, The Novice Angler (Finishing Line Press, 2017) and Super Rich (Pudding House, 2008). Green is a librarian at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

J S Robinson is a biologist and writer living in Ireland whose recent work has been shortlisted for the O'Donoghue and Bridport poetry prizes and has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Abridged and Magma

Juliet Wilson is a poet, adult education tutor and editor of Bolts of Silk

Karen Neuberg lives in Brooklyn NY. Her  poetry has appeared in many journals and anthologies. She has always lived near the ocean.

Kat Mortensen is a Canadian poet, and the author of 'Shadowstalking'.

Kay Weeks worked for 30 years for the US National Parks Service in the area of National Historic Preservation, retiring in 2005. She writes and publishes poetry in the US and the UK.

Kellie Doherty is a writer and editor. She freelances whenever she can and loves every minute of it.

keyfeatures states, "biography is all masked ball or epitaph. As you find me, so we are. For those who like to think they know stuff, I'm a magician's daughter."  More here. Tweet @YachtNinky

Kieren King is a poet, a heathen & an anarchist and must be approached with caution at all times. Tickling him behind the ear has been proven to soothe him.

Kim Rooney (aka wordturner) is a writer, editor, and poet. A former BBC online journalist she has an MA in Life Writing from the University of East Anglia.

Kulsoom Mirza is a third year University student studying English with Creative Writing. Friend of books, against hate and violence, pro peace and a lover of music.

Kushal Poddar is editor of the online magazine ‘Words Surfacing’ He authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’ (Spare Change Press, Ohio), “A Place For Your Ghost Animals” (Ripple Effect Publishing, Colorado Springs), “Understanding The Neighborhood” (BRP, Australia), “Scratches Within (Florida, USA)” and “Kleptomaniac’s Book of Unoriginal Poems(co-authored)”

Laura Grace Weldon authored two books. She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she spends too much time reading, cooking weird things, & singing to livestock. Connect at her website or Twitter @earnestdrollery.

Laura Taylor is a regular festival and open-mic night guest performer throughout the North West of England. She has been writing and performing poetry for two years, and has been widely published.

Laurie Kolp has had poems and short stories published online and in print. Her story "Signs of David" is in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotionals for Tough Times, due October 5, 2011.

Lavinia Kumar has a new poetry book, The Celtic Fisherman’s Wife: A Druid Life, it can be found  on Amazon (US & UK).

L.S. Bassen won the 2009 APP Drama Prize & a Mary Roberts Rinehart Fellowship; 2011; She is a Book Reviewer for  brooklyner.org, the rumpus.net, and press1, and has been a finalist for Flannery O’Connor Award.

Luigi Pagano has published three collections of poems: ‘Idle Thoughts’, ’Reflections’ and ‘Poetry On Tap’. His work has been featured in ABCTales’ magazines,UKAuthors’ anthologies, Poetry24 and several other publications.

Máire Morrissey-Cummins is Irish, lives in Co. Wicklow and retired early from the Financial Sector. She is a member of Haiku Ireland and the Irish Haiku Society and has been published in Every Day Poets, New Ulster, Lynx, Sketchbook haiku, Notes from the Gean, A Hundred Gourds, Whirligig, The First Cut, Wordlegs, and Open Road Review.

Malcolm Saunders is retired, cantankerous, libertarian and occasionally a poet, Malcolm says he is probably malodorous, but seeks to avoid being malicious or malevolent, so he vents malapert musings through malpoetry.

Mandy Macdonald lives in Aberdeen, trying to make sense of the 21st century. Music, poetry and gardening keep her sane. Her poems appear here and there in print and online.

Marcus Colquhoun writes poetry and is a member of the Ward9Writers group (Co.Mayo, Ireland)

Marilyn Brindley is a retired primary school head teacher, who now has the time to indulge in the writing she's always wanted to do and read the works of other creative individuals.

Mark Brophy is a seething ball of resentment towards inequality and injustice, but rather than do anything concrete he writes about it, on his blog. Twitter: @mark_brophy.

Mark Kerstetter lives and works in Florida. He is a Pushcart nominee and winner of the Jerry Jazz Musician New Short Fiction Award. His chapbook, "One Step: Prayers and Curses" is forthcoming from Atomic Theory Micro Press.

Mark 'Mr T' Thompson is a South London poet, actor and educator of Anglo-Jamaican heritage. His work is focused by a desire for political and ideological change and an understanding of the importance of historical and cultural context.

Mark William Jackson is a Sydney artist whose work has appeared in various journals including Popshot, Going Down Swinging, The Diamond & the Thief, and SpeedPoets.

Martin A. Bartels is a poet, author, artist, and songwriter living in the Washington DC area. He is currently president & CEO of the humanitarian organization, Seed Programs International.

Martin Hayes has lived in the Edgware Road/Paddington area all of his life. He previously has had a collection of poems published by Smokestack Books called "When We Were Almost Like Men". 

Martin Hodges is co-founder of Poetry24, and former columnist. He has twice been editor of Viewpoint (a forum for INDEPENDENT internal comment within the University of Southampton).

Maureen Daly has had her work has published in Anthologies and in a publication of the White house poets. She has also been published in a Ledwidge competition.

Maurice Devitt was runner-up in The Interpreter’s House Poetry Competition in 2017, he has had poems published in Ireland, England, Scotland, the US, Mexico, Romania, India and Australia, runs the Irish Centre for Poetry Studies site and is a founder member of the Hibernian Writers’ Group.

Melinda Rizzo lives in Quakertown Pennsylvania (USA), and is a freelance journalist, covering local and state news, human interest features, arts and entertainment. Rizzo’s work is published regularly in print and online.

Michael Holloway was born in Liverpool in 1985. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Central Lancashire until 2008 and graduated with his Masters in Writing from Liverpool John Moores University in 2012. He has written a number of novels, which are currently unpublished, and often writes short stories and poetry. He a freelance writer and CEO copywriter. He also works with PIYE magazine as well as working in retail. He is one of the editors of Poetry24.

Michael Ray is a glass artist living in West Cork Ireland. In 2011 he won the RTE John Murray National Poetry Competition. His work has appeared in The Moth, Asylum, The Independent and Cyphers

Mike Peterson has been writing for many years and has just self
published his first book "Echelons' Rest".

Mike Richardson lived in Pembrokeshire. After University in West Wales, he left for City Life. He still hankers after the country that has inspired his writing.

Nancy Scott is author of nine books of poetry. Many of her poems deal with social justice issues.
She resides in New Jersey, USA.

Natalie Moores is a 21yr old MA student writer from Manchester. She currently sells cheese for a living, but is determined to make it as a writer.

Nedjo Rogers has worked with anti-poverty and environmental organizations, has travelled and lived in Latin America, writes folk songs, and is parent to two artistic young adults. He writes open source software.

Niamh Prior lives in Kinsale, Ireland where she is happiest when writing or surfing.

Nicollette Foreman was runner-up in the Ninth International Poetry Competition, published in Dawn Treader; Sentinel Poetry Movement , First Writer, and further anthologies Nicollette loves a challenge and enjoys writing in different styles.  

Noel Loftus is a member of ward9writers based in Mayo and enjoys very short bursts of inspiration tempered by long periods of work. 

Patricia Mahon has been published in Ireland and Spain. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from UCD. She is also a Healing Therapist practicing in Ireland and Spain.

Patrick Toland is a graduate of the new Masters of Creative Writing in Oxford University. He was shortlisted for the Lightship Poetry Prize 2011 and was a winner of the Bodleian Science Library Poetry Competition 2011 and the Edward Stanley Prize. He was selected as an emerging writer by Windows Publication in 2010 and for the 2012 Poetry Ireland Introductions. In 2013 he was nominated for the Hennessy Literary Award.

P.A.Levy has been published in many magazines, both online and in print, from ‘A cappella Zoo’ to ‘Zygote In My Coffee’, and is a founding member of the Clueless Collective.

Paul Andrew Russell is a poet and writer who has self published a book of poetry, Pocketful of Words, and two collections of flash fiction. He blogs at: http://blogpaulandrewrussell.wordpress.com

Peter Duff was runner-up in the Poetry on the Lake competition for formal poetry in 2013. He publishes a short weekly podcast, Discursive Poetry, which is available on iTunes Podcasts.

Peter Flint is 77, belongs to Rossington Writers' Group, Doncaster, and writes short stories and poems  for his grandchildren. He taught for forty years...mainly English.

Peter Goulding works in a warehouse in co. Kildare, Ireland and has bribed editors in four continents to accept his poetry. He has no practical talents whatsoever.

Phil Coleman lives near Swansea and tries to balance work and the need to write. At the age of 50 he's still a complete tyro at everything except juggling words.

Philip Challinor posts fiction, satire and assorted grumbles on his blog: The Curmudgeon. His longer fiction is available here.

Philip Johnson has had work published by: Poetry Now, Anchor Poets, North West Disabled Writers Group, Das Alchemy, The Ugly Tree; Poetry Scotland, Mid Cheshire Writers Group, Cheshire Carers Centre Newsletter, National Assc for Colitis & Crohn's Disease newsletters, local, regional and a national newspaper.

Electronic Formats: Write Away, Caught In The Net, The Red Pencil, and The Writer's Hood, Transparent Words; Caught In The Net

P.K.Deb is an Associate Professor in Economics. Poems published by international magazine Tajmahal Review and Camelsaloon online. Five poems accepted by E-Pao.net for serial online publication and one poem accepted by Diversion Press. One haiku published by Gean tree haiku journal, three more accepted by Down in the dirt 1 and Dead snake magazines 2. Another Haiku  published by My word wizard online. Five poems published by Poetic monthly magazine.Another poem accepted by LSS

'Philipos' began writing poetry near Cape Town back in the mid-90s, appearing on local radio and TV programmes. Now his offerings occasionally feature in local UK magazines, etc.

Rachel North is a trainee poet and failed domestic goddess. The latter is entirely due to the fact that her favourite pastime is sitting in the sunshine reading a good book.

Ralph Killey worked on the Liverpool Echo for thirty years and became part owner of World Group Newspapers, Lancashire. He has a collection entitled: 'When there's Notin' on the Tele'.

Rebecca Audra Smith will be studying Creative Writing: Poetry MA at Manchester Metropolitan this September. She co-runs Stirred, a night aimed at feminist performance poetry.

Richard Devereux is a member of Lansdown Poets and Bristol Stanza. His collection Bill tells the story of his grandfather, a soldier of World War One who fought on the Balkan front in northern Greece. Richard taught English in Athens and his knowledge of Greece inspires and informs much of his writing. His poems have appeared in several anthologies and on-line magazines.

Richard Fletcher has had poems published in "Words", "Chapman", "Written in Ink", "New Writing Scotland", "Scottish Poetry 8" and other poetry magazines.

Rinzu Rajan writes in an attempt to sear away from the boundaries of cliché. Research in the field of biology and feminist activism occupy the rest of her time and devotion.

Robin Welsh writes poems and rhymes daily about all life in general...but mainly politics, human rights and world affairs. Performing at every opportunity he can get, not yet published because of procrastination.

Rose Drew has hosted open mics for +9 years (www.yorkspokenword.org.uk) and co-owns small press Stairwell Books. She’s published in newspapers, books, journals, including her collection Temporary Safety (2011).

Rosemary J. Collins is a gap year student whose dream is to be a writer. Her main interests are reading, writing and current affairs, especially human rights issues.

Sarah Bigham lives in Maryland with her kind chemist wife, their three independent cats, and an unwieldy herb garden.

Scott Devon is head of neo:writers, and run the international neo:poetryprize. He holds an MA in Creative Writing from MMU, and has been published in the UK and America.

Shaun Parrin had been writing, over many years, and been published in different genres, although he is not a professional writer outside his day job. He has previously been published in Poetry24 and continues to try this genre.

Simon Marks is a 40-something journalist from the Northeast of England, working in Scotland, who just loves throwing words together and seeing what comes out - some of it readable.

Simrita Iota is a student from Hertfordshire who believes that homelessness and poverty is a severe issue that needs to be dealt with urgently. Simrita hasn't written poetry before.

Sinead Cotter lives in Dublin and has had work published in the Sunday Tribune and the Irish Independent. She's currently working on her first poetry collection. 

SK Iyer is a commerce graduate, leading a retired but busy life in Pune, India. His poems have been published. He is a member of PK Poetry List, UK.

Sonnet Mondal is the author of six poetry books, pioneered the 21 line fusion sonnet form. He has received a number of awards, including the Azsacra International Poetry award in 2011.

Stafford Ray is a writer of musical plays and reading resources for schools. Wannabe novelist, one completed, two more on the way. Poetry happens when moved, limericks when amused.

Stephen Smith is a recent immigrant from Ireland. He has had agitprop plays performed in Ireland and a documentary broadcast on RTE in 1998. He has written and staged 2 plays in Liverpool.

Steve Pottinger writes and performs poetry whenever and wherever he can. He can be found on twitter at @BigStevePoet

Steve Regan co-runs the Bards of New Brighton (Wirral) and Liver Bards (Liverpool) poetry clubs. A former newspaper reporter, he now blogs

Stuart Nunn is a retired lecturer living in South Gloucestershire. He belongs to Cheltenham Poetry Society and Cherington Poets and contributes regularly to the PK List discussion group.

Sue Morgan lives in Northern Ireland. Some of the places you can find her recent work are:   Every Day Poets, the New Poet, the Southword Literary Journal and CrannogMagazine.

Susan Adams is an Australian poet who has been published both in Australia and internationally. She has been read on ABC Radio National 'Poetica', All in The Mind' and '360'.

Sutanuka Banerjee is a researcher in the University of Malaga, Spain as an Erasmus Mundus student. She tries to pick up pebbles from the path of life and treasure them as the new chapters of experience.

Tatjana Debeljački is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia UKS, Haiku Society of Serbia, Writers’ Association Poeta, Belgrade and Croatian Writers’ Association. She has published 3 collections of poetry.

Tim Train

Tim Waldron is a 32 year old living in Liverpool. He's married and teaches English at a secondary school in Ormskirk, West Lancashire. He writes on various themes such as nature and sport.

Usha Kishore is an internationally published poet, resident on the Isle of Man. Her work has won prizes in UK competitions and recently shorlisted for the Erbacce Prize 2012 .

Val Walsh organises Liverpool's annual poetry event for International Women’s Day. Alongside her poetry, journalism and academic writing, she has co-edited three collections of feminist essays.

Vala Hafstad lives in Minnesota.  She writes humorous poems for children and, occasionally, their parents.

Vicky Ellis is a prize-winning poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter and editor.  Her mission is to decipher the world around her from a feminist perspective.
Vinita Agrawal is a freelance writer, researcher and poet from New Delhi, India and has been published many times in print and online journals.

Wendy Nicholson has previously contributed to Poetry24. She is, at present, a member of a Wells Poetry Group. Wendy is retired, having been a teacher, then research scientist.

Wynne Huddleston has had poetry published in nearly 40 publications. She is the winner of the 2010 Lifepress Grandmother Earth Environmental Poetry Contest.
Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro is the author of the novel Caparazones (2010) and has won prizes including National Institute of Puerto Rican Literature Prize in 2008. She is a Director of the Puerto Rican Word Festival.