In Brief... 2019


Top of The World

here it's our guise
for suicide
we queue to die
please comfort our families
flag us as heroes -
too proud to
cry for help

© S.O. Fasrus

‘Walking over bodies’: mountaineers describe carnage on Everest


Nerves of steel
the drip drip drip
of strong and stable
glugging down the drain
sans mettle

© Bex Tate

What went wrong at British Steel?

Left Luggage

The Hamburg taxi driver
thought that it was strange
when the passengers paid
then said, keep the change
for they hadn't left any tip
but a baby having a kip.

© Luigi Pagano

June, July and...Augusta

May ends in June
the papers say
and she knows why.
What no one knows
is, come July
who'll steer the rudder.
Mention of Boris
makes people shudder.
Some who believe
we need new blood
may be inclined
to choose Amber Rudd.

© Luigi Pagano

Off the rails

The minister Chris Grayling
who's found that transport
is not altogether plain sailing
was the one who introduced
the probation service reforms
but as privatisation is failing
there is a big mess to sort.

© Luigi Pagano

Look On the Not So Bright Side
For every poetry website closing
The branch of a bank opens.
George Salamon was happy to have been a contributor to Poetry24..

© George Salamon

(For link, see Important Message in sidebar)

Death of a legend

We say farewell to Doris;
she played Calamity Jane
but she wasn't as calamitous
as some of our politicians
like Jeremy, Theresa or Boris
who are giving us pain.

© Luigi Pagano

Mother's Day Poem Written While Sitting In A Bar In Madrid

Happy Mother's Day,
to the mother of my children,

I am so very grateful.
Happy Mother's Day
to my mother, to the mother
of all that is just and good.
Happy Mother's Day,
to Mother Earth:

The earth explodes today
in its exuberance and gratitude.

© Gil Hoy

This is how Mother's Day was born

The big break

People may think
that I blaspheme
and be after my blood
when I declare
that Trump is supreme
but I don't mean Donald
but a snooker player
called Judd.

© Luigi Pagano


Maybe someone listened
when we shouted out in rage,
maybe someone understood
the words upon the page.
Maybe someone listened
when the world found its voice,
maybe now their leaders know
their people have a choice.
Maybe fear and loathing
will no longer rule the day…
maybe now their citizens
will be proud to say they’re gay.


© Andrew Goodison

No Caveats

Corbyn praised a book
and didn't read some parts
or didn’t give a fuck.

© Tristan Moss

Jewish leaders demand explanation over Corbyn book foreword

Uh? No way!

The future of the MP
Gavin Williamson
looks bleak.
He was sacked
because of a leak,
an accusation he denies
when he cries,
as Kenneth Williams did,
Infamy, infamy!
They've all got it in for me.

© Luigi Pagano

A Six-line History of American Politics: 1968-2020
We voted for people we hardly knew,
People who made decisions about
Matters they could not understand,
Decisions benefitting very few of us.
We called it democracy, we still do,
And we're about to do it again.

© George Salamon

Biden Uncut Could Rival Trump's Reality Show

Here Comes, There Goes Joe Biden

Superman fell to Kryptonite's
New, improved formula.
Batman's fingers turned stiff
After years of dread arthritis.
Wonder Woman retired to
Doing reruns on the television.
Now it's up to old Joe Biden
To "battle for the soul of America,"
To return it to its original flavor.
We were well advised by sly
Old Bertolt Brecht, telling us
"Pity the country that needs heroes."

© George Salamon 

Embargoes on Cargoes

Vladimir travelled
to Vladivostok
and Kim Jong
went along
hoping to unblock
or at least ease
the Russian embargo.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

If the media was an online store
its home page would look like this

CUSTOMER: our attention 
OUT OF STOCK: the truth

© Gargi Pandkar

Sri Lankans Slam Indian Media for ‘Politicising’ Easter Blasts

Gargi is a student-in-transit who dabbles in poetry on her blog when she is not eating books for breakfast

Swing low

The opinion pollsters
are sure of one thing:
that among voters
there is a swing
to Labour from Tories.
And that is the truth,
not fictional stories.
It is estimated
that the Reds would beat
the bungling Blues
by at least sixty seats.
With such a victory
what would happen then
is that Jeremy Corbyn
would be in number 10.

© Luigi Pagano 


Faced with extinction
tiny bees drink salty tears
to drown their sorrows

© Bex Tate

Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

We are the champions

We often hear that Britain is the best,
our football league harder than the rest,
that with every invention we were first,
that it was here democracy was nursed
but in the art of comedy we truly excel
and in Westminster our comedians dwell.
They are not in the league of Mark Twain
but their fame spread as far as Ukraine.

© Luigi Pagano 


Migrant Mapping

Great-grandmother1 left Ireland for Wales
Great-grandfather1 left Ireland for Wales
Great-grandmother 2 left Wales for America
Great-grandfather 2 left Wales for America
Grandmother1 left Ireland for Wales
Grandfather1 left America for Wales
Uncle1 left Wales for South Africa
Sister1 left the UK for France
Cousin 1 left the UK for Australia
Nephew 1 left the UK for France
Nephew 2 left the UK for America
Nephew 3 left the UK for America
Nephew 2's wife left Israel for America
Nephew 3's wife left Cuba for America

© S. O. Fasrus

UK-born baby of parents with right to remain given six-month tourist stamp

What College Does To You

Who's in and who's not
In the meritocracy or elite
Is easy to tell.
There are tests for the former.
Assets of the latter by
Which to measure.
But who belongs to the
Common people, that's
Harder to tell.
You are where you went.

© George Salamon

It’s what made a derelict stone wall
beside the A487 a history lesson
in red and white. Two words scrawled
as elegy and warning: Cofiwch Dryweryn.

Deface it with your paint, your hammers.
attempt to erase from sons and daughters
our history. And we gather:
a storm to unmuddy your waters.

© Brett Evans

Cofiwch Dryweryn memorial attack treated as hate crime

Let's not forget Tryweryn / Cofiwch Dryweryn

The long view

It took 8 telescopes
to see the black hole
in the firmament.
The black hole
in the U.K. Parliament
could be seen
with the naked eye.

© Luigi Pagano

A sitting duck

The P.C, brigade
think they've won
but without
an ugly duckling
they won't have
a beautiful swan.

© Luigi Pagano

Pete's Proclamation for Pence

If he could
         have cut a 
         Piece out

Carved it out 
 No hesitation 

If he could have
                 But love
Is a salve

Your quarrel, sir,
           Is with

© James Schwartz


The two women speaking Polish
in this Leave-stronghold pub
are beautiful and stylish,
their laughter natural and good
to hear. I raise my glass.
What finer, what more radical act
than not speak English in a ‘Spoons
and be stylish and beautiful and laugh?

© Neil Fulwood

Brexit has left UK ‘in the grip of CIVIL WAR’, warns Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin

From here to eternity

I cannot bear the tension;
I heard that Theresa May
might be offered by the EU
a so called 'flextension'
to the Article 50 timetable
so that the UK will be able
to avoid falling off
the white cliffs of Dover.
But will it ever end?
Yes, when hell freezes over,
dear friends.

© Luigi Pagano


We don't have to choose between eating
living and growing unencumbered 
between non-Hodgkins lymphoma and chemicals 
killers are well known we thought
some chemicals are okay
helping food plants grow unencumbered by weeds
we see they nurture cancer 
now Monsanto has to pay $80 million
not warn us 
they did create glyphosate herbicides 
unencumbered by truth and concern for public safety

© Kimberly Burnham


Sky Blue

ip dip
sky blue
who's rich
not you

ip dip
who'll play
you're poor
no way

ip dip
that's rich
poor kid
tough shit

© S. O. Fasrus

More segregated playgrounds revealed: 'We just play in the carpark'

Stamp of (dis)approval

He said it seriously
and not with levity
he doesn't want
a card from Her Majesty.
He must be applauded
as he sees with clarity
that we are all burdened
with austerity.

© Luigi Pagano

England’s oldest man tells the Queen not to send a card as he turns 111

Not Brexit Day

This was the day we were supposed to leave.
Like a toad who has had enough of the sun, 
hopping off to the humid shade of a rock. 
Instead the toad’s stuck in blazing heat, 
letting the people who take control
kill it off with indecision.
Dehydrating on tarmac, 
squashed by the passage of time.
Innards splayed in patterns of grit, 
because no one could make a decision.

© Emma Woodford

The fashion wardrobe at NASA
Aren't doing too well-
The shoes clumpy,
The main body
Rather lumpy too.
The headwear does nothing
If you want it to be flattering,
And medium (female size) costumes
Are not available for two.

© Amanda Derry
The (alternative) people's vote

The Israelis are bold:
they want to hold
a referendum
to decide whether
to join the EU
as the British
in a flap
have left a gap.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

This One’s A Bit Edgy

We have farmers to thank for our overbite,
the change in our jaw alignment.
If it wasn’t for farmers we wouldn’t say ‘farmers’
or fuck—all those labiodental consonants.
The loss of our edge-to-edge bite gave the us the edge 
to get edgy with words, like fuck, and fornicate, and vagina.
Blame farmers for soft food diets, fundamentally fucking with biology, 
a cultural shift, that shifted our jaws, that led to a cultural shift,
the diversification of language. 
So thank you farmers for giving a fuck. 
We’ve been fucking ever since.

© Janey Colbourne

Ancient switch to soft food gave us an overbite—and the ability to pronounce ‘f’s and ‘v’s

I just call to say...

(with apologies to Lionel Richie)

Hello plods everywhere,
is it me you are looking for?
I have just got to let you know
that when driving I text.
I can see that you don't smile
and you seem quite perplexed
that I should use my mobile
irresponsibly, as before.

© Luigi Pagano


Copper Breaking Bad

There was a young WPC from Caerphilly
Who liked to swear, fart and be silly.
She loved to break wind.
Her sergeant got her binned.
And now the station smells fresh as a daisy.

© Phil Knight


What about Brexit
Mays gone and wrecked it
Left us without a solution
to end the confusion
left us high and dry
With the remnant of Boris's lie
Lets not sink to a begging letter
we all know Britain can do better
We voted to leave, so lets go
Time to drop the final blow
Leave and not pay a penny
Signed----NOT from the few but the MANY.

© Debbie Smith

Brexit: EU says short delay is possible if MPs back deal


the sad life of dogs

waiting to be fed
to be walked
to be stroked

waiting for Crufts to come on

© S.O. Fasrus


An insignificant man

Flying from the 
bombs and bullets
that destroyed 
their home,
they made
their home
in New Zealand.
One year later,
they are buried,
forever now
in New Zealand.
Not the victims
of racism,
or intolerance,
or Islamaphobia,
but the victims
of a small,


© Andrew Goodison

New Zealand holds first funerals for victims of Christchurch massacre

The Firm
Harry and Meghan want independence-
Will there be cries of "Mrs Simpson"!
Outsiders have always been viewed with suspicion;
Not ingratiated into duty, service, restriction-
This is the Firm, after all.

© Amanda Derry

Queen 'vetoes' Meghan and Harry's bid to break from Buckingham Palace


The speaker was plucky
when he told the House
that Theresa was lucky
he spared her blushes
by stopping with zeal
a new vote taking place
on her notorious deal.

© Luigi Pagano


Use this application
if you want to save time
and also come up
with a perfect rhyme.

© Luigi Pagano

Some pretty impressive machine-learning generated poetry courtesy of GPT-2

The Saviour
Today, he stands next to a starving child,
Not knowing that he's going to hell.
He looks into the camera lens,
(Latest model, with that nice newness smell).
He composes an appropriate face:
The crops have failed, this child will die,
And someone has to take the blame.
(Can we encourage the mother to cry,
And then get close-ups of the tears in her eyes?),
But the mother stays mute and her eyes are dry.

Horrified at the unasked-for intrusion,
Of these other staring eyes,
She shrugs and sighs and shifts her gaze,
To the bottle of water in his brief case,
The packet of crisps, the half-eaten pie.

© Robin Kidson

It it worth sacrificing our country for this lunacy?

Oh my goodness what's that I hear?
Mps voted result is clear
No longer whipped they cast off fear
Instead they just ignored the steer
So now across the House they jeer
How did proceedings get so queer?
Are party leaders left in fear?
Mps resign or just change gear
Brexit delayed another year
Lets stop this madness, end it here
Express regret, don't shed a tear

Say Brexit's dead, its cost too dear

© Lesley Webb

Brexit: MPs vote by a majority of 211 to seek delay to EU departure


Royal Benefits

Champagne party:
royals are thanked
we gave the money
theirs stayed banked.

Pass round the canapés
pass round the fizz
charity scamathon
right royal swiz.

Rattle on the corner
Nan's putting in
royals take the credit
for coins in the tin.

S.O. Fasrus

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia talks charity work in interview with Royal Central


Every Day Is Budget Day (for a Waspi) 13/03/'19

No pension for years
just scraping by; cheers
you're robbing me blind,
aren't you tough?
I'm done in and wrinkly
here's my middle pinkie
to show you that I've had enough

© S.O. Fasrus

Another punch for WASPI women landed by DWP



It’s a grey and blue freeze in here
Here it’s deja-vu number two
It’s seven pm
She’s lost her voice again
She’ll go for deja number three
There’s a point in here
In this freeze of grey and blue
That lost voices
No longer worth listening to

© Mark Coverdale


Oh, what a web we weave...

Sir Tim Berners-Lee
said, listen to me:
we need global action
to stop the infraction
that's brought the web
to a very low ebb.
As it is well regarded
it must safeguarded.

© Luigi Pagano 2019

Tim Berners-Lee: 'Stop web's downward plunge to dysfunctional future'


it takes a village
(a nursery rhyme)

mother rocks her little boy
fearing for his life
runs for safety overnight
hated Isis wife

mother asks for help for him
mother's wishes spurned
takes a village to raise a child
but no one's that concerned

little baby frail and cold
little baby coughs
mother rocks her little boy
until his sweet heart stops.

© S.O. Fasrus

ISIS bride Shamima Begum's baby son 'dies in Syria'


Here is the news...

Here is the news.
A baby died today.
Also dead are
and forgiveness.
Survivors include
and ugliness.

And now, back to the studio.

© Andrew Goodison



She isn't like her sisters
Posting their lives on Insta-
Inviting unwanted attention or comments;
Except no publicity is bad
She's savvy enough to use
Most of the attention for cosmetics,
Although she is the brand, not them.
There may've been loads in the Boots Christmas sale;
But you aren't with it if you don't have
Karshadian-Jenner eyebrows
And beauty is all.

© Amanda Derry


Shamima Begum's baby

Three children dead.
Have some compassion, whatever
she's done or said.

© Jenni Wyn Hyatt

Shamima Begum: Home Secretary criticised as baby dies


Off his head

The particle centre CERN
showed a lot of concern
because a certain Prof
said the work conducted
by women physicist was not
as good as that of men
and totally bit his head off.

© Luigi Pagano

Cern cuts ties with 'sexist' scientist Alessandro Strumia


Some like it not

This is what's in the news:
Labour are anti-jews;
Tories are against Islam.
If we can find other folk
the LibDems might hate
we will have achieved
a Grand Slam!

© Luigi Pagano



Autosexual, hetereosexual, bi-sexual,
Just labels.
Dress up, have a meal deal (for one)
In your apartment
Take yourself to the cinema,
Complement yourself daily-
It's a win-win.
Engagement may be feasible-
Marriage harder
Except cheaper, on the honeymoon.
Everyone should take tips
On loving themselves!

© Amanda Derry


Oh Justin!

Unicorn of hope,
Haloed, open shirted boy;
You made me believe a Government could be ethical
Minority rights were feasible,
That fairer politics was possible
I hope this case results in your favour
And what I always (secretly) believed,
That politics is unworkable for the people-
Isn't true.

© Amanda Derry


To the rescue

We often hear of fat cats
but rarely of chubby rats.
Yesterday one of these
who was quite obese
while out on a stroll
got stuck in a manhole.
After hearing him shout
helpers pulled him out.

© Luigi Pagano


In the confessional

Forgive me Father
for I have sinned.
Sexual predators
think the solution
to their problem
is a confession;
if they unburden
themselves of sin
to their confessor
they'll get absolution
and know very well
he will never tell.
Especially since
news have emerged
that make us wince:
some clergymen too
have been known
to transgress
though they believe
there isn't any need
for them to confess.

© Luigi Pagano


Asma al-Assad

she's graceful and appealing
who knows what Asma's feeling
who knows what Asma's thinking
who knows what Asma knows

restrained, correct, alluring
who knows what she's enduring
who knows why Asma's staying
who knows what Asma knows

© S.O. Fasrus

The treatment of Shamima Begum and Asma Al-Assad reveals Britain’s double standards


The story of O

A letter O
Instead of a zero
Can make the difference between a fine
Or none
Although down to dyslexia
This could happen to anyone.

© Amanda Derry

Husband promises to fight Exeter parking ticket after dyslexic wife enters wrong registration


Cat Love

If I could marry a cat I would,
He said of his feline friend
Who may have offered better companionship
Than vacuous hangers-on;
However he could've demonstrated better taste
Than a Persian one.

© Amanda Derry


Alabama's 86 Percent

God forbid that you find yourself 
on death row in Alabama 
a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist
it is like the start of a joke
because you are the one percent
your religious aspiration don't matter
says the US Supreme Court
giving instead preferential treatment
to your Christian neighbors
in this country that pretends 
not to be a theocracy

© Kimberly Burnham

Justices Allow Execution of Muslim Death Row Inmate Who Sought Imam


Pussy galore

150 million could make Choupette,
Lagerfeld's cat, the richest pet
to his young godson greatest regret.

© Luigi Pagano


An Isis Love Story

The best thing about her experience was
Her husband, the Jihadi bride said,
He was currently in a camp, allegedly had up
By Isis for spying
Her other two children had died but
She wants to come home with her third,
Her 'only regret' being she may not see him again-
He treated her well.

© Amanda Derry

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum who fled UK describes the 'best part' of living under ISIS


In the Pink

Mel's Fendi coat was sold out
With pretty mink cuffs
And fetching check pattern
Is she wearing a bathrobe?
Twitter asked-
Looks like she's stepped out
Of the bathroom,
Chances are it'll be worn once-
But at least
There is a back-up plan.

© Amanda Derry


A sweeping statement.

A Hong Kong company
was much criticised
for making an offer
they thought hard to resist.
Discounted laptops
for male employees
and vacuum cleaners
for the distaff side.
But the implication
was decidedly sexist.
Most men protested
saying they were keener
on having the option
of a vacuum cleaner.

© Luigi Pagano


Brass monkey

It seems to be the norm
for chimpanzees to escape
from the zoo enclosure
during a violent storm.
They don't lose composure
when faced by onlookers
but they fear the exposure
to the inclement weather
so they go hell-for-leather
back to their pens.

© Luigi Pagano


The Chase

Two train changes, cross-country,
Delays in the aftermath of Christmas-
I arrive at Dad's exhausted
He watches The Chase, too loud
Blaring ITV images;
Answering quiz questions
Is good for his brain, Anne explains.
The following day I'm willing to watch 
University Challenge, Pointless-
Not, The Chase.

© Amanda Derry


Alexa said this about Jedward:
that the two Irish boys were both deadward.
Alexa's fake news
did not much amuse,
in fact, we all were misled ward.

© Andrew Goodison

Jedward fan shocked as Amazon’s Alexa claims Irish pop duo died aged 17 in 2011 — despite them since touring and having a TV show


A smoking gun

I am ninety-nine years old
and I am gasping for a fag.
When I reach one hundred
I'll be dying because of one.

© Luigi Pagano



A mighty salty at our sink

had cleaned the plates off in a blink.

‘Bonzer dinner, mate’, he cried,

and burped – but that was Dad inside!

© Mandy Macdonald

20,000 homes at risk in Australia floods as crocodiles, snakes wash up


A fight to the finish

As she is a good sport
she's asked the support
of her arch-enemy
a man called Jeremy.
She'll hustle and bustle
the people in Brussels
with the utmost zeal
to save the exit deal.
Those who don't want out
want to save the sprout.
They'll flex their muscles
to keep their brussels
and will fight Mrs. May
forever and a day.

© Luigi Pagano


Thirty Second News

A thirty second slot
on the TV news
pointed out the match
by the nuclear fuse -
America pulls out
of the missile ban,
media treating news
as only media can:
a full five minutes
on a celebrity royal,
giving out food
wrapped in celebrity foil,
writing her words
on soon-decayed fruit,
while the TV news
debase and dilute -
as Mulder said,
‘the truth is out there’,
the truth, it seems,

is that we just don’t care.

© Andrew Goodson


Not Cool Daddy

Amidst the moans and all the rants
this news popped up about freezing pants-

The neighbourhood is warmed with glee
by marching pants for all to see-

But alas, alack, there are burning cheeks,
red with shame ‘cos Dad’s a freak-

Two daughters long for warmer days
when freezing pants no longer raise
a toot and titter from the band

“It's got to stop, Dad's out of hand!!”

© Bex Tate


I say, I say, I say

I know that comedians
yearn to play Hamlet,
a role much iconic,
but a flight attendant
who wants to be a comic
is a new one on me.
I hear she tells jokes
with pre-flight advice
to calm nervous folks
and to break the ice.

© Luigi Pagano


Bearing up

A three year-old
lost in the woods
for two days
met, so he said,
a friendly bear,
He took good care
of the little mite
who wasn't hurt
but his absence
gave his family
a fright.

© Luigi Pagano



Denial of the gassing of the masses
Gaslighting on a mass scale
Both the action and reaction
Systematic eradication

© Janey Colbourne


Trumpageddon (Paradise In Germophobia)

In all the forests
they will rake away the leaf-litter,
and take it away for hygienic disposal.
All signs of insects
and smaller or larger life
will be cleansed
by petrochemical fumigation
and the remains burnt away
till the face of the Earth
is at last sterile.

© David Bateman

Trump orders end to disaster relief for California unless they get out and rake the leaves in their forests


Inside knowledge

Palace insiders confirmed
that Her Majesty The Queen
loves the TV quiz Pointless
but perhaps what they meant
is that's what she thinks
of the whole Brexit process.

© Luigi Pagano


Seventeen Lawyers

Seventeen lawyers
and Trump still wants a wall,
seventeen lawyers
and Trump still wants a wall,
and if one bent lawyer
should flip and seek a plea-deal,
there’ll be sixteen lawyers
and Trump still wants a wall.

To be continued.

© David Bateman

Trump hires 17 lawyers to protect him from Mueller investigation, while federal workers go unpaid during shutdown


Dyson's departure

By leaving,
he creates a vacuum -
no change there then.

© Andrew Goodison



Consider Prime Minister May -
things haven’t been going her way.
Her party is split
on the point of Brexit,
and the country is in disarray.

© Andrew Goodison


Penguin Awareness Day

I did not know until today
that Penguin Awareness Day
was all of a sudden upon us.
I read a poem while on a bus
written by that modern bard,
Brian Bilston, that was hard
to believe but fascinating.
In it he seems to be stating
that one is a guest of his
but doesn't know why that is.

© Luigi Pagano 2019


Critical - A Tanka

There’s a gap in the
Market for some critical
Thinking the problem’s
Not the thought process it’s that
It’s all just market driven

© Mark Coverdale


Royal collision

Philip has retired from public duty;
Still insisting on driving his Rover
Involved in a collision,
His breath limits were taken
He's currently being looked after by Wifey.

© Amanda Derry


Ups and downs

A nonagenarian,
the only competitor
in a cycling race,
took some drug
to give him zest.
He was first (of course)
at the finishing post
but found to his cost
that he had failed
the anti-doping test.

© Luigi Pagano 2019


The end of the road?

Many fans will be upset
if Andy leaves the stage.
It isn't because of old age
that he intends to retire
but because his body suffers
from pains in his injured hip.
He might have to skip
the Wimbledon tournament.
And added to that torment
there is a further regret:
that his daughter will never
see him play.

© Luigi Pagano 2019



Tumblr is cleaning up
Creepshots of people fully clothed,
Pornography with cloned heads
Non-consensual has been moved
From the sexual.
Desperate for a look,
A fantasy, a laugh-
A five minute distraction
Salacious clips
Crawl the Darknet,
The underbelly
Of our humanity.

© Amanda Derry


20% profit

Green belt land is bulldozed
For 1,300 new homes-
Locals don't like it because
There's no 'affordable' housing or bungalows.
It's convenient for the private school Kings-
And routes into Manchester and Wales
Though Wrexham Road will be clogged up-
That's someone else's problem;
The developers just want
Their 20% profit and to move on.

© Amanda Derry



The donkey stays firm
to make the elephant squirm;
the economy will stall
and that's enough
to drive one up the wall.

© Luigi Pagano 2019


Open to question

On the TV show “Question Time”,

chaired by a forceful Fiona Bruce,

there were fierce animated debates;

the panellists fought long and hard

and they never called for a truce.

© Luigi Pagano 2019


Boxing Clever

In Rio de Janeiro
a would-be thief
tried to mug a female
strawweight boxer
with muscles of steel
and not made of straw.
She remained very cool
and floored the fool
with a vigorous kick
and a punch to the jaw.

© Luigi Pagano


O tempora! O mores!

Gammon protests Vegan
Brexitless breakfast.
Vegetables of the world unite
You have nothing to lose
but your brains.

© Phil Knight


A head of steam

I read that the coffee
is now bulletproof.
It was unbelievable;
I nearly hit the roof.
It is not the espresso
that makes me aflutter
but a new concoction
with added butter
and coconut oil.
Just to think of it
made my blood boil.

© Luigi Pagano