Thursday, 12 November 2020

The Best is Yet to Come

“Good evening, America.

I’m Kimberly Guilfoyle.

I speak to you tonight as a mother, a former prosecutor,

a Latina, and a proud American,

and yes, a proud supporter of President Donald J. Trump.”


“This election is a battle for the soul of America.

Your choice is clear.

The cosmopolitan elites of Nancy Pelosi,

Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden”

“They want to destroy this country

and everything that we have fought

for and hold dear.”

“From the beginning,

when President Trump spoke

about making American Great Again,

he was speaking

about that shining city on a hill

and restoring the beacon of light

that once shined so bright”.

“President Trump is the leader

who will rebuild the promise of America

and ensure that every citizen

can realize their American Dream.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,

leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty

and the American Dream, “

“the best is yet to come!”

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead

10,372,481 U.S. most in a single day

1,000,000 a week

240,833 deaths

400,000 deaths

By January 20, 2020

The best is yet to come

© Jake Aller

'The best is yet to come!' Trump adviser Guilfoyle's enthusiastic message at Republican convention

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John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet, and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries - Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain, and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career. Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed four novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders, “the Great Divorce” and “Jurassic Cruise”, and is pursuing publication. He has been writing poetry and fiction all his life and has published his poetry fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.