Sunday, 1 November 2020

Sunday Double-Bill

Missing From the Lane                                                                   

The nature writer explains
why the blackbirds have disappeared
and ceased their comforting calls.

They are tucked in the hedges,
growing new flying feathers

now that the young have fledged.

© Tim Dwyer

How can a blackbird be white? It’s actually not that uncommon

Tim has published a chapbook: Smithy Of Our Longings (Lapwing Publications). His poems appear regularly in Irish and UK journals, and forthcoming in Cyphers and The Irish Poetry Chair Commemorative Anthology.

Flight to Nowhere

Land-bound for much too long
we board in our bubble, separate
from others in our distanced rows,

breathe only our own
specially filtered air,
head to the Outback,

fly over Ayers Rock – Uluru
its indigenous name,
not that it cares.

It will outlast our ownership
as we fly in the airship
we see the bleached bones
of the Great Barrier Reef,

The pilot descends to a lower altitude
so we can see the greenery, the falls,
circles back to the bridge, bowing,

the harbor and its sails, the opera
house silenced as we de-bug,
clear our throats, overcome

with beauty, we land, vowing
to begin afresh, our duty
to arise again, repay our carbon offsets.

© Betsy Mars

What happened on the Qantas flight to nowhere

Betsy Mars has published one chapbook, Alinea, available on Amazon. Her poetry has appeared widely online. In the Muddle of the Night (Arroyo Seco Press), with Alan Walowitz, is forthcoming.