Monday, 2 November 2020

Paid in Full

It doesn’t matter
that we didn’t know them.
A family, seeking a better life,
sadly, paid in full.
They had to flee their war-torn home,
away from all the fear.
They paid, to cross a dangerous sea,
moving east to west.
Huddled together, night after night
keeping their dream alive.
They paid, to move through Europe’s borders,
heading to a promised land.
They paid the smugglers
their blood sucking fee,
time and time again.
They paid, for safety and for sanctuary,
never doubting they would be free.
They paid, for a place in a crowded boat
bound for Britain’s shores.
In seas too rough,
their lights went out.
Their final payment made.

© Peter Wright

Channel migrants: Kurdish-Iranian family died after boat sank

Peter Wright lives in Dorset and fills his days trying to write, trying to play ukulele and trying to find the secret to both.