Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Forbidden Children

it is a common story shared among mothers,
a child wanders off – down a grocery isle,
slips behind a magazine rack, or hides in the center
of a merry-go-round of clothes in a department store

and for one brief but eternal moment the blood rushes
to your head, your stomach convulses as the world
turns blindingly dark until finally, you are crushing them
in your arms and staring into their confused faces

and now, in this world turned inside out, it is a
common story among children that their parents
have been hidden far away, leaving them alone
to wander, lost in a strange country that disowns them

and how is it possible for a mother or father to live
when their heads are pounding with the rush of blood,
their stomachs are full of the lies they have choked down
and their worlds are shattered by the empty darkness

© Lianne Kamp

U.S. Expels Migrant Children From Other Countries to Mexico

Lianne Kamp lives in the Boston area. Her work has appeared in a number of literary journals and online publications including Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, Dime Show Review, Poetry Quarterly, Poetry24, Tuck Magazine, Poets Reading the News, Inquietudes Literary Journal, and The Road Not Taken: Journal of Formal Poetry. Writing poetry helps her to keep an eye on the trees while lost in the forest.