Wednesday, 4 November 2020

America Goes to Mean Time

When the clocks go back

we imagine that we gain a precious hour,

but, in fact,

our progress is arrested

and comes under attack.

When the clocks go back, when we reverse the dial

and wake up in the dark from fitful sleep,

the liberties we took for granted,

our hard-won liberations from the yoke of superstition,

and the tyranny of religion, suddenly,

lie scattered, like mere troubled dreams,

and we, now slaves to older times,

are no longer intact.

When the clocks go back, when we go anti-clockwise,

do we find ourselves surprised

that retrograde positions

become the new conditions?

Are we amazed that the Golden Age,

those ‘Good Old Days,’ when life was simpler

and we all knew our place,

turns out to have been Prisons?

Hungry, racist, cold

and ignorant, in fact,

when the clocks go back?

© Jonathan Croose

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Jonathan Croose is a lecturer, theatre-maker and musician who writes political, satirical and pastoral verse, in which the good end well, the bad end badly, and nature rules supreme.