Thursday, 22 October 2020


We can’t enter public space without one —
no mask, no service. 
We have to lead by example
or design
Louis Vuitton, Habits, Maya Prass, we’re
turning masks into fashion statements.

Face coverings, masks for every
occasion. The very secure mask,
the less secure mask,
the triple-layered mask,
the disposable mask,
the dental mask,
the advertising mask,
the night-out mask,
the colour-coordinator mask,
the bedroom mask — velvet, sequins, lace,
the mask just for fun,
the biker’s black leather mask,
the sadomaso mask with studs,
the animal mask — leopard, tiger, lion,
the superhero mask,
the Lone Ranger mask — for Donald Trump,
it covers only the eyes.

Longer masks, the Snood — scarf and hood in one,
safety and warmth. The ANC funeral mask,
designed to match outfit, and
a tenderpreneur’s budget.
We fight the epidemic

© Christine Coates

A Miami cop wore a Trump mask to vote, inflaming Democrats: ‘This is city funded voter intimidation’

Christine Coates, a poet from Cape Town, holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town. She has had three collections of poetry published.