Tuesday, 27 October 2020


The atmosphere in court is volatile.

The neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn,

have terrorised the citizens of Greece

for years. A gang of fascists with tattoos

beat up the left, migrants, LGTB

and scooped up racist votes. Some of the police

were sympathetic. Justice shrugged. Till now.

They knifed Pavlos Fyssas, a hip-hop star,

an anti -fascist from the working class

with tons of fans. Maybe, a step too far.

Two women magistrates for months trawled through

the videos, speeches, documents and blogs.

They’re guarded. Every day they’re getting threats

but it’s their dossier that makes the case.

The female prosecutor sets it out before

the judge, the calmest person in the court.

She sets the tone, refuses to allow

the empty rhetoric of male pride

to grab the microphone. Questions are raised,

the arguments pursued, rogue details clarified.

It takes five years, but then the verdicts come.

Guilty times fifty, lots of years in jail.

Outside is Magda, Pavlos Fyssas’ mum

who screams “Pavlos, you did it!” There’s no doubt.

When men screw up, the women sort it out.

© Paul Francis

The women who brought down Greece's Golden Dawn

Paul Francis is a retired teacher from Much Wenlock, who is active in the West Midlands poetry scene. He is the author of Sonnets with notes.