Thursday, 29 October 2020

House of Sticks

From the mouths of babes
they took the food
an evil thing
and rather rude if you
stop to consider the
subsidised dinner,
and tea

All aboard the gravy train of slow cooked selfishness
and flambéed greed

Pan seared entitlement served
on a bed of home-grown smugness
for the Common people;
swell bellied and chortling
to the sound of chinny chin chin fizz
before voting on the next motion
or not

The big, bad wolf huffs
sugar-coated promises
puffed into soft peaks up the chimney well clear of the cooking pot

And somewhere down the lane
Little Tommy Tucker sings
Jack sits in the corner and
Miss Muffet fades away
All are wondering

"What's for tea?"

© Bex Tate

Campaign to end subsidised food and alcohol in Parliament reignited following free school meal snub

Bex usually writes to try and make sense of things, to try and capture magic, or to tell a story and sometimes to raise a lyrical fist at what she sees as not right.