Monday, 26 October 2020

His Day

This is his day,
Today, now everyday too late
Tall buildings closed in
A young gull not yet in his prime
Trojan warrior away from nature
Pushed into life.

Our rituals have changed
We had horses once, roaming fields,
Hooves on the earth carried our load
Knew their way, their task, in a time
When we also knew
We needed each other
A time when everyone knew
They were enough.
These days are filled with never enough.

The horses are gone from the fields
Gone too the learned way
Instinct replaced by engine
Who now teaches a boy what it takes to be man
The ordinary hero
No horses to carry him across rivers
Channel wild nature,
Now rivers have bridges and boys have wild cars
Ropes hang in empty barns
A guard of honour for our dead horses
And men, line the road
A black hearse moves slowly past the empty fields.

© Attracta Fahy

‘Afraid, frozen, stuck’: The mental health pandemic and how to fight it

Attracta Fahy MA.W NUIG ‘17. Irish Times; New Irish Writing 2019, Pushcart, Best of Web nominee, shortlisted for OTE New Writer 2018, and Allingham Poetry 2019&'20. Fly on the Wall Poetry published her chapbook collection 'Dinner in the Fields,' in March’20.