Friday, 23 October 2020

Election Fever

Election fever

reaches its pitch

as the politicians make

a last ditch


to appease, lie and


the masses

into voting for them and not the other


with me, I have the personality

unlike the other fella

that bogey, false,


of the people

will decide

what’s best for their pocket

if I can pick it with

stealth taxes

so much the better

not believe all we say

we look both ways at once

and tell you what you want to hear

is true

blue patriot, parading

on the battle bus

I’ll come to your town

or maybe I’ll fly in

by the seat of my minority pants

with my sound bites

into a pie

nice photo op

down a beer

kiss a baby

on the head

of the nail

biting count

down to

a new dawn

or, maybe, just, a false one

just give me a fair go

give me your vote

an X marks the spot

just don’t bother asking about

my policies.

They’ll change once I’m in.

© Warren Paul Glover

Trump's hopes fade in Wisconsin as 'greatest economy' boast unravels

Warren Paul Glover is a British-Australian screenwriter, playwright, poet and actor, based in Sydney. Before becoming a writer/actor Warren worked for several UK trade unions, mostly in the health sector. Twitter: @WazMan01