Sunday, 12 May 2019

Stormtroopers for Virtue

Stormtroopers of the politically correct
Want Camille Paglia fired, her views
Clash with those of the PC crowd
On what really matters: identity,
Gender, sex and race.
PC is not like the Left of old,
Engaged in the class war against
Capitalism's new robber barons,
The hedge fund Ponzi schemers,
 High tech's billionaire. dealers.
PC is marketing your virtue while
Living well in  pockets of the corrupt.
Paglia uses reason and its evil
Handmaiden, free speech, to expose
The charade of the Starbuck socialists.
Reason is a weapon the PCers do not
Possess, so it must be banned, and
Free speech silenced.
Then PC can continue to hammer
More nails into the coffin
Enclosing the American mind.

© George Salamon

Camille Paglia Can’t Say That

George Salamon 

George has had careers as professor of German, business journalist and public affairs writer/manager. He now contributes articles and poems to progressive publications such as The New Verse News and Dissident Voice from St. Louis, MO