Sunday, 26 May 2019

Punchinello Politician

What a performance - a complete palaver.

The showing, the telling, the posing and pointing.

Lectern-leaning, throat-clearing. Spouting dogma

thoughtless, empty, clatter-clunking in the guttering wind.

Impossible, imposter - the clown-politician,

political-clown, a hotcake of fake on an over-used plate

presents us with another opinion,

just another among endless others,

bobbing by on a wave of rhetoric,

It’s more than enough to make you sea-sick.

Watch him go - in the circus space, playing

the fool at the theatre of lecture.

A pompous power-point Punchinello

gliding imperious, on the sea-shiny surface

of his shallow grandeur.

Slap- Stick knowledge, loves to point it out,

do the hokey-cokey Shake it all about -

what a show, what a tell – giving foreigner’s hell.

Two crap cards of a three-card trick,

fooling no-one, wising up no-one.

No magic.

No wisdom.

No fun for anyone…not any more

Won’t someone, kindly, tell him?

© Chris Sparks

Boris Johnson: UK will leave EU in October, deal or no deal

Chris is a political theorist from Hackney who now  lives in Sligo Ireland. He has published a few books and articles about social uncertainty and the politics of fear.  Now he finds that (weirdly), everything that was once theory seems to be becoming actual.  So, for his sanity and soul,  he has decided to come at things from another angle, which is why he now writes  poetry.