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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

People who lead good lives

"People who lead good lives"
--Alabama congressman, Mo Brooks

are dying all the time.
Dying in a shelter, in the subway,
just outside the sliding doors
of the insurance gates of Emergency.

Jesus should always be a picture
of light crying, not some nazi-white
nonsense guy with a halo, but a big heart
with thorns and razorwire.

Yeah, the "good life" money people
who can afford their preexistings,
can afford to take time off, hire someone,
use them and fire someone.

I'm in my dirty life, I'm in it because 
everyone worth the salt and chemicals
of their bodies in the bible, struggle,
wait patiently, and then ride on to heaven.

© J.P. Dancing Bear

J. P. Dancing Bear - [Twitter: @jpdancingbear]

J. P.'s most recent book, Fish Singing Foxes, is out by Salmon Poetry this month. His next book, Of Gods and Monsters, later this year from Glass Lyre Press.

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