Monday, 13 May 2019

Nigel Barrage

A balloon of limp form and bluster
A container of lighter than air
With an attack that drowns out any opposition
So no one can hear the counter viewpoint clear

You shout out we must deliver The Peoples Brexit
Your chant, your mantra, your artillery strike
But you still happily take home your Euros
And your children can all ride German bikes

And while we have to sever all our euro-ties
to sail off into a slack free market lagoon
you voted to keep your European pension
to keep feeding hot air into your balloon

Your policies are all soundbites and anger
Your strategy is just to 'get out of there'
While your hedge fund friends make money from instability
About real people, the impact, you don't care

You've lined your pocket at the table
One where you complain that its obviously European made
But you still happily take home jolly foreigners doggy bag
Knowing delivereuro will keep paying your pension wage

© Andrew Minhinnick

BBC Question Time: ‘Nigel, just answer the question’ Farage silenced by furious audience member over trade deal blunder

Andrew Minhinnick

Andrew is a fifty year old, unpublished scribbler. Work prevents him from dedicating as much time as he would like, to his writing. Nevertheless, he tries to pen something every day. His four unfinished novels and hundreds of poems tell the tale.