Monday, 20 May 2019

Ineffective Electives

Political stalemate?
Completely ineffective 
Are those so called electives 

Half a century later 
It’s the same old rhetoric;
The peace that came 
Was endowed with the same 

Ghosts from the past, 
Who thrive on differences 
And cast, 
Webs of destruction 

Upon our children’s education
Mental health issues grow 
Special needs are increasing 
And who is policing? 

These paid non-workers 
Whose vision lack many colours 
Thinking not of our tomorrow’s 
And waste the time we’ve all borrowed,

And our verdant green fields 
Shine irridescently in the sun 
Waiting; oh waiting, 
For our new leader to come

© Douglas Whyte

Douglas Whyte

Douglas has been writing for most his life and ran small businesses for the last 11 years. Now he has more time to focus on writing. A welcomed change. He worked as a freelance journalist while living in Calgary and currently he is working on his third manuscript for publication.