Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Exclusive! Breaking from Vegas New Odds!

Bookies in Vegas devour the
Business Section of the NYT;
And its latest revelation about
America's bosses' pay rising
At double the rate of
Average workers has prompted
Revision of the odds on these
Predictions: The new odds are
"The fruits of the earth belong to all." Jean-Jacques Rousseau         25,000 to1
"The meek shall inherit the earth"  Matthew 5:5                                 50.000 to1
"Socialism in America will come through the ballot
box," Gus Hall U.S. Labor leader and Communist                            100,000 to 1
"Equality is available before God, but not until then,"                                   2 to 1
GOP credo

© George Salamon

It’s Never Been Easier to Be a C.E.O., and the Pay Keeps Rising

George Salamon 

George has had careers as professor of German, business journalist and public affairs writer/manager. He now contributes articles and poems to progressive publications such as The New Verse News and Dissident Voice from St. Louis, MO