Thursday, 9 May 2019

Build It

Build it then.
Get the diggers on the job,
but hear it for the creatures
of woodland and lake,
the great and the small,
of songs sung of long ago
when rabbits and toads
hopped alongside roads
with mad abandon,
their only worry
a hungry dog fox roaming.

Build it then.
Get the planes in the sky,
but hear it for the birds,
the sweet butterfly
the incandescent moth,
fluttering to extinction.
Let's have three cheers
for the buzz of bumble
dining on clover puffs,
attaining heights
of natural flight unaided.

Build the bloody thing.
It doesn't matter anymore,
but hear it for your children,
those yet to birth.
This was your choice.
A holiday in Benidorm,
or a clapped out earth.
Oh, build that damn runway!
It doesn't matter anymore.
It's far, far too late.
It's far, far too late.

© Cath Campbell

Friends of the Earth to appeal against Heathrow judgment

Cath Campbell

Cath is a Northumbrian poet who loves eating, dog walking, and the sea. She has an MA in creative writing from Newcastle university, and has had poems published in several magazines, including Prole, Obsessed With Pipework, Erbacce, and IAmNotASilentPoet. She also has a poem published in #MeToo, a woman's poetry anthology.