Saturday, 25 May 2019

April Showers May Flowers (A Goddess’s perspective)

The news comes today

Theresa May resigns her position, 

Did she pull us back from a massive collision?

By the time Britain woke up, to the oncoming onslaught

An iceberg was encroaching 

And the laws of Albina, were disposing 

A decade ago, Britain was already dying 

And a woman took hold of the helm, 

The greed of the ‘fat cats’, had begun to govern our sovereign realm 

To and fro in her wayward ship, thrusting amidst the crashing swells

A steadfast woman 

Sounded Britain’s alarm bells

All the parties had their say; not one could agree with May

She ducked and dived 

To protect the ‘mother;’

She understood sovereignty, as the bones of the Magna Carta

Were born out of the same kind of greed

We see spreading within the EEC

When 200 and something laws, are needed to govern a lampshade 

What hope do humans have? 

She played Britain’s hand, despite the ones who buried their heads in the sand 

Britain has been there and done that

Which is how she recognised 

The bureaucratic trap 

Who rule us from their Ivory towers in Brussels

But Theresa May flexed some British muscle;

Not once deterred by her diabetes 

She stood strong against

The endless treaties 

That were ripped up and thrown out 
And each time she went back to the drawing board

The minions still cowered!

The covenant she made, she will take to her grave 

The heroine’s journey, like Joan of Arc

Will come to light, only with much hindsight 

A man will be exalted, unless he’s a rapist

A woman will be holy, if she lives in renunciation 
But neither of these roles, relieve us our constant craving,

Farewell to a brave woman, 

Who embodied the constitution she fought so hard to protect 

After all, she did it because of Britain’s subjects!

When the waters calm, and they will,

I pray the flowers of May 

Come fragrantly to us in the new clay

© Douglas Whyte

Theresa May's voice cracks at end of resignation speech

Douglas Whyte

Douglas has been writing for most his life and ran small businesses for the last 11 years. Now he has more time to focus on writing. A welcomed change. He worked as a freelance journalist while living in Calgary and currently he is working on his third manuscript for publication.