Wednesday, 1 May 2019

A Ratta-Tat-POP

A private war
Is what they conducted on our happy streets, 
Laying bombs around our innocent feet

'The children of the troubles'
That's what they called us
He did this, she did that:
Tit for tat

A ratta-tat-POP!

Down goes another body
Many more hearts broken 
And all in the name of our freedom 
While they tear up our magical kingdom 

A ratta-tat-POP!

As long as they get rich and the doctors sow another stitch,
Holding together what they have torn asunder
In their gangster/political, private war
Someone, somewhere, believes they've settled another score

Tit for tat, A ratta-tat-POP!

Douglas has been writing for most his life and ran small businesses for the last 11 years. Now he has more time to focus on writing. A welcomed change. He worked as a freelance journalist while living in Calgary and currently he is working on his third manuscript for publication.