Tuesday, 2 April 2019

“…The Stirring, Unmistakable Patriotism of the Velociraptor…” -- senator Mike Lee

There is a guy elected to congress,

Who stands in front of everyone

and talks about patriotic dinosaurs

of which (against their lizard brains

and overwhelming hunger) let a human,

the forgotten messiah of his party,

Ronald Reagan, ride upon its back.

The old movie star with crude oil hair

Is depicted wielding a machine gun, 

with a rocket launcher strapped to his back. 

I thought about the victory garden 

of irony which is this political party's fruit 

and labor. How that early bird ancestor

would become a few drops of gasoline

in the tank of a senator’s stretch limousine;

how it and its band of hunters might have eaten

an entire political party if the artist's rendition

had allowed for a time machine. How, the animal

would no doubt choke on our cartooned air

if we brought the beast forward to our time,

or even stopped in 1984, to visit the president

and let him ride the blood hungry dino.

Another flower from the irony garden? Reagan

is no doubt firing his machine gun and defending

his United States from all Russian attackers,

something the fantasy-filled senator will forget

next time he votes not to protect our voting systems,

or votes down the sanctions against oligarchs

and their campaign contributions. See, all you young,

impressionable revisionists: history is easy.

© J. P. Dancing Bear

Sen. Lee Uses 'Photo' of Reagan Riding Velociraptor, Giant Seahorses in Floor Speech Mocking Green New Deal

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