Friday, 26 April 2019

The Perfect Woman

(Immediately after a live news bulletin about Notre Dame burning, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about a man who sleeps with dolls in the same bed as his wife, and an ‘entrepreneur’ and his prototype sex-robot) 

Somewhere in America,
a man makes love to a doll,
nuzzling her flawless, latex breasts,
opening her compliant legs, her soft, submissive cunt,
kissing her silent, willing mouth.

Somewhere in America,
his wife lies beside him,
swaddled in her imperfect aging,
eyes squeezed tight, fingers taking root in her ears,
rocked on the malaise of her common, unloved flesh.

Somewhere in America,
a snake-oil salesman creates a robot,
a dream for sale, the perfect woman.
Doll Man burns like wildfire to possess her,
a docile goddess who never grows old.

In Paris, Our Lady is ablaze,
the blessed Virgin in flames;
Immaculata, mother of god - immolated.
Crowds gather to lament, nations band together,
anxious to commiserate and grieve.

Somewhere in the world
a woman is beaten, mutilated,
raped or killed – alone, ignored, forgotten.
Love and worship are for perfect women
deadly, worn-out clichés peddled as gospel.

© Lesley Quayle

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Lesley Quayle

Lesley is a widely published, prize-winning poet, editor and a folk/blues singer. Her latest pamphlet – Black Bicycle – was published in May by 4Word.