Saturday, 20 April 2019

That Was the MUSE That Was

Anti-politics Thumbnail  + Miroslav Holub
... Whoever’s prophet material
Had best seek counsel
From the nation
Of the ‘northern lights:’
No velure head-hunter need apply.
No Moulin Rouge mudslinger.
No tyrannous protoplasm
Batting an evil eye...
Lucidity epitomises
The cold ground’s
Imminent banter:
“Where man ends  +
The flame begins.”
And we will never
Put Prague
Or Jan Palach
Back together again.

© Stefanie Bennett

Stefanie Bennett

Stefanie has published several books of poetry – worked with Arts Action
For Peace, & ‘Equality’ [Human rights]. Of mixed ancestry – Italian, Irish Paugussett
-Shawnee, she was born in Queensland, Australia.