Wednesday, 3 April 2019


For Lilly

Barricaded in the backyard, we supposed you contained
before, ponytailed curls loosening, 
fringe in your eyes, wearing Summer’s cast offs,
we spotted you in the front garden.

Lilly, my Lilly, returned to the back
and safety, I watched you
make a beeline for the corner of the shed.

Foot after foot, where there is hardly 
a place to put a foot down,
over briars and plastic coal bags
you eased your way, out of my reach.

I loved you, was gifted the joy of you
working it out, sure-footed, unafraid
in your space and in your own time. 

© Maureen Curran

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Maureen lives in Donegal Ireland where she is a teacher. Her debut collection Home was published in 2018 by Revival Press at the Limerick Writers' Centre. She tweets @maureenwcurran