Friday, 5 April 2019

my deal or no deal

I said I was leaving just to get his attention 
did I never mention this is the Donald for me
so he’ll keep having me over oh and I dream 
of over his knee to talk things over
a warm hand on my exit 
this is my own personal Brexit objective
I like to see his brows knit together that way
oh fuck it knit is a horribly British thing to say
but if it makes him frown and he calls me 
all of the bad words 
all of this has surely been worth it
his name is pronounced like  
tsk tsk tsk tsk Theresa
a little bit like British annoyance
not really like something long and protruding 
I know this is wrong 
and nothing so far has gone right
except for the far right 
but most of the time 
I like to think of it as horn

© Laura McKee

Brexit: UK asks EU for further extension until 30 June

Laura McKee - [Twitter: @Estlinin]

Laura's poems have appeared on pavements and postcards as well as in various journals and anthologies.