Monday, 22 April 2019

Lyra, Rest in Peace

I am roaring, bull thick red
Eyes bloodshot
Tears rolling down rosy cheeks
Beetroot, scarlet, shame-faced.
She was a fire, aflame, furious
Now referred to as a dying ember
Ceasefire baby who never ceased
to ignite support for human rights.
We are sore, sad, at your senseless
murder, Lyra – writer, orator
Advocate, hope for the future.
Your shining light quenched
but not extinguished.
© Frances Browner
'Bright light has been quenched' - tributes pour in for Lyra McKee

Frances is a creative writing/history tutor, in Wicklow, Ireland. Her fiction and memoir pieces have been published and broadcast on radio. Poems have appeared online and in print.