Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Love Your Nuclear Bomb

We have learned to love the bomb.
It is not clean, but it is not wrong.
It keeps the peace. That's a fact.
So please don't you over react 
When we shall sing with joy
For Fatman and Little Boy.
The bells will ring a thunder knell
Like  a door closing in the depths of hell.
Big Ben shall be like that frozen clock
When protesters cry and poets mock.
The organ then shall sound a siren call
That will echo around every wall
For fleets of missles and Trident subs
In the hope they will be no duds.
Smite our enemies  with fire and ash
For Nuclear Bombs we got the cash.
And if the Earth burns like a second Sun
Remember not what we lost, but what was won.

© Phil Knight

Westminster Abbey nuclear weapons celebration condemned

Phil Knight

Phil is poet from Neath in South Wales. His poetry collection 'You Are Welcome To Wales"was published in 2015 by The Red Poets.