Saturday, 27 April 2019

Fake News - Old People Are The Problem!

Old folks must give their benefits away
To make it fair for young folk so they say
The global mess was caused by hair that's grey
It's time for seventy five year olds to pay
Give up the TV licence, peers do bay
You don't need winter fuel, you've had your day
You live too long, it costs too much that way
No wonder old folks nerves begin to fray

For young folks times are hard is truth laid bare
But not because of folk with silver hair
Who chose to privatise our health and care?
Whose money went off shore to rich men's lairs?
Who watches as the social fabric tears?
Who sold the Council Houses now so rare?
Who charges rents so high they are not fair?
It's not the old or young, they wouldn't dare

They want  to cut  us up and  therefore rule
They want  the money, not for winter fuel
Let old folks keep warm eating winter gruel
Then young folks needn't worry they're too cool
Set young on old, let generations duel
While politician's hide their gold and jewels
Leave citizens in zero hours pools
No profits to the ones who work the tools

First disabled or workshy ones  must  quake
Old folks in beds must shiver and must shake
Give to the rich and from the poor let's  take
If they are hungry let them cry a lake
But  lessons from the past do not forsake
For tales of old might keep the rich awake
Miss Antoinette said there's no bread to bake
Don't worry old folk you can still eat cake

Spoiler alert - it ended badly!

© Lesley Webb
Curbing pensioner benefits could help the young, says report

Lesley Webb

Lesley is a member of the Gillingham (Dorset) Writing Group, she writes poetry and fiction
and has had a Pocket Novel and a short story published recently.