Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Deal or No Deal?

How many minutes, or months or pounds must we waste?
In how many circles must tails of MPs still be chased?
I want to stay, you want to leave and in haste
Day after day  the discussion with anger is laced
Nothing else happens, the vacuum is really not faced
As down to the bottom all  manners and  bearing have raced
At one time  these islands with kindness and patience were graced
Now the new normal is acting in  very poor taste

MPs have voted on motions again and again
Theresa May's deal is rejected, her work is in vain
'Take back control' was the message, instead its a pain
Easy trade deals it now seems are much harder to gain
Deal or no deal? People's interest has started to wane
Anti or pro EU membership leaves us in twain
Anger is now on our people a divisive stain
Numbed by uncertainty, stasis our energy drains

Did you ever wonder, when hearing our Parliament's din
Just why Brexit happened, whose interest it really is in?
And while our democracy slides down this Brexit dustbin
Who's sitting and watching while trying to cover their grin?
I don't think it's May, Tusk or Barnier or even Corbyn
So who's sitting quiety waiting their game here to win?
Take care not to trust all the headlines, the fake story spin
Extremism, anger and hatred are kith and are kin.

© Lesley Webb

MPs Debate Whether to Prevent No Deal

Lesley Webb

Lesley is a member of the Gillingham (Dorset) Writing Group, she writes poetry and fiction
and has had a Pocket Novel and a short story published recently.