Friday, 5 April 2019

Billion dollar whale

Another hot KL night

And nothing base here

but the occasional alto bike

And soprano chit-chat

of the distant jungle.

On the morrow

A court will raise the morning box lid

From its hinges

And swarming mosquitoes

Will take to the famished air

And suck each other’s blood,

colliding like cockroaches

In a small corner of the world.

“when we’re bad

We’re very bad, lah

But when we’re good.....”

The kleptocrat stands trial

To clear his name.

The lawyer makes his case.

You gave yourself gifts

Made in Manhattan

Mansions in LA.

You had your Picasso of artists

Monet in your pocket

And a wolf on Wall Street.

Now your thoughts

Lie behind bars

Padlocked in fear.

And we thrill to the grill.

© David Ellis

1MDB: The inside story of the world’s biggest financial scandal

David Ellis - [Twitter: @Davellis123]

David is a retired English language lecturer and writer of short stories and poems, living precariously close to the fast-receding sand dunes of Merseyside.