Sunday, 24 March 2019

What shall we do with him?

What shall we do with him? We shall not speak his name.
No stage for his infamy, no soap box for his claims.

One - Bring back the death penalty for hate crimes this vile.
Two - Dispense with the time and cost of trial.

After all what is the point of dragging this out.
The manifesto, the live stream, establish beyond doubt.
That he, we shall not speak his name.
Is guilty, guilty, guilty of this terrible shame.

He has shown no remorse and no repentance
So, I propose, that we move straight to sentence
Just as he did on that darkest day
Murder in his mind, when he set out to slay

Deny him a platform, deny him a voice
Don’t give him an option, don’t give him a choice
Don’t waste one bent penny or one red cent 
Keeping him warm, dry and fed in a secure apartment

Don’t allow this bitter, spiteful narcissist
To become a beacon for other extremists
Erase him from history an unmarked grave
The good things we could do with the money we save

Tear down the barricades between race and creed
Build byways and bridges and plant a seed
Promote diversity, unify our communities
Build a memorial to peace, love and unity

© John McDonough

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John has been writing poetry for 30 years. His style is urban/performance poetry. He subtitles his spoken word for the benefit of the hard of hearing and those that struggle with dialect, John's is Mancunian.