Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Was it a waste of an egg?

Was it a waste of an egg?
The one that broke on your head
Made you blow like a powder keg

Maybe Fraser

Catapulted into the limelight
But not in a good light
The figurehead of the far right
Defending murder your kind perpetrate
You dare to suggest that the victims of hate
Were somehow the architects of their own fate?

Are you crazy Fraser?

I could understand if you had blamed the devastation
Of the Indigenous Australian population
On white migrants and white immigration
As this statement rings true
In fact it was people like you
And your pastoral kin, who
In a greedy bid to exploit and expand
“Hunted blacks” and stole their land
Kidnapped their boys to work as hands

That’s slavery Fraser

So we come full circle and the question I beg
Is, was it really a waste of an egg?
Not the egg that broke on your head
But the egg your Father impregnated
The egg your Mother gestated
The egg from which you were created

Because let’s face it Fraser
The worlds a better place Fraser
Without Racists like you Fraser

© John McDonough

John has been writing poetry for 30 years. His style is urban/performance poetry. He subtitles his spoken word for the benefit of the hard of hearing and those that struggle with dialect, John's is Mancunian.