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Saturday, 23 March 2019

This One’s A Bit Edgy

This One’s A Bit Edgy

We have farmers to thank for our overbite,
the change in our jaw alignment.
If it wasn’t for farmers we wouldn’t say ‘farmers’
or fuck—all those labiodental consonants.
The loss of our edge-to-edge bite gave us the edge 
to get edgy with words, like fuck, and fornicate, and vagina.
Blame farmers for soft food diets, fundamentally fucking with biology, 
a cultural shift, that shifted our jaws, that led to a cultural shift,
the diversification of language. 
So thank you farmers for giving a fuck. 
We’ve been fucking ever since.

© Janey Colbourne

Ancient switch to soft food gave us an overbite—and the ability to pronounce ‘f’s and ‘v’s

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