Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Theresa May

Not just a woman

She’s a god-like sensei

Sent down from heaven to lead us

Observe her contempt

For MPs’ dissent

Which shows that she really does heed us

Am I speaking of the Virgin?

Am I speaking of Lana Del Rey?

No! Theresa May.

Amazon warrior in animal prints

We scurry like skunks just to succour

We love her, exalt her, for all our sins

There’s no way we’d ever chuck her.

Do I speak of Maggie Thatcher?

Is she the Queen of all the UK?

No! Theresa May!  

Dancer, prancer, a keynote orator

She intones her words like a don

Her rewards are troll tweets

And Hammond’s cough sweets

Though they’re not ‘or everyon’.

Do I speak of the Madonna?

Am I talking of the great Doris Day?

No! Theresa May.

© David Ellis

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David is a retired English language lecturer and writer of short stories and poems, living precariously close to the fast-receding sand dunes of Merseyside.