Sunday, 17 March 2019

That Was the MUSE That Was


“My battery is low and it is getting dark”

Opportunity is slowly lost in
the forces of its environment,
surroundings destroying.

Opportunity can’t thrive in darkness--
what sits in shadows is missed
by bright, eyes wide shut irises.

Opportunity finds water in the cracks of nothing.
Hydrates, thrives, replenishes
the dry and hopeless things that most stopped
looking for. We expect nothing
from nothingness without a sign.

Opportunity does not trust you--if you say
something is the way it is, Opportunity
will prove you wrong out of sheer spite.

Opportunity leaves tire tracks storm-swept away.

And Opportunity dies.
Despite best efforts, Opportunity is too far gone to retrieve.

Opportunity is a red clay god, a wire corpse Adam.

© Kayla Bassingthwaite

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity Concludes a 15-Year Mission

Kayla Bassingthwaite writes from Southington, Connecticut, USA. She is featured in Blue Muse Magazine ( for her work in poetry and nonfiction. Follow her instagram: @gaseouspassion.