Sunday, 3 March 2019

That Was the MUSE That Was

Poetry Narcosis

I don’t smoke tobacco,
I don’t drink much no more,
but when it comes to the writing,
I’m an out and out whore.
Like chasing the dragon,
or doing a line,
the addiction of writing
is the addiction of mine.
I crave the attention,
the comments, the praise,
the rush of adrenalin
when crafting a phrase,
and when I’m away 
from the keyboard or screen,
the withdrawal effects
are simply obscene.
That monkey’s a bitch,
he’s right on my back,
he’s feeding me juice,
he’s dealing me crack.
I wish it was easy
to just disavow-
and the worst thing about it?

I’m doing it now...

© Andrew Goodison

Poetry for uncertain times: the 2019 TS Eliot Prize shortlist reviewed

Andrew Goodison is a single father of two, full time carer and full time poet, living in the West of Ireland.