Friday, 8 March 2019

Superwoman - a found poem ♀

(with thanks to a Women’s magazine for all the words)

Somewhere, nowhere, blood orange,
strong, empowering and upbeat. Let’s make this
about you, let’s build the future together. 
Does your daily routine match up to Coco Chanel? 
A teal bag from £16,000, monochrome £2,200, 
two-tone only £5,300. We’re the ones getting
everything ready and I’ll clean up at the same time.
Palette pop, scan with Fendi, experience the new
complexion enhancing ranges. We need to befriend
our madwoman, our inner critic, try ribcage jeans.

Here’s something you need to know, everyone
can benefit from ceramides. Check out my latest video;
the secrets to the best brows yet. Powerful, alluring,
female strength finds its voice in perfumery. 
It’s time to move on from Elephant’s Breath,
paint the ceiling in full gloss to bounce light around
the room. Are you running yourself into the ground?
I am officially brain-dead. I don’t want to talk
to anyone when it’s all over. The show must go on.
You are not still doing that are you? The fluff
really gets between your toes, buy less but buy
better. You might not have heard but the most blah
of shades is the biggest trend. Which shade are you?

Have you ever considered that your thoughts might
be what’s causing your stomach flare-up? Dream big
with this season’s luxurious shoes and bags. Look
for silk-satin and pleats to create a satisfying swoosh.
The new season defined for you, visibly reduces 
wrinkles in just two weeks, and of all the trends to embrace
this creates a soft focus, glass skin and blurred lips.
We want to have a real moment, create a real emotion,
our good girl is a woman with a mission, book a celebration
of femininity, subject to availability while stocks last.

© Denise Blake
Words from last Sunday's Style Magazine, Sunday Times
Denise’s third collection, Invocation was published by Revival Press, Limerick Writers Centre. Denise is a regular contributor to Sunday Miscellany RTE Radio 1. She facilitates creative writing workshops.