Saturday, 16 March 2019

Soldier F

Soldier F said he only harmed
protesters who held bombs or arms
Soldier F had truths to hide
The soldier lied

Lord Saville said
none of the dead
had posed a threat
but that did not stop Soldier F

When one-and-twenty soldiers shoot
then why no prospect to prosecute
Soldier L or Soldier M
who killed a lad who crawled from them?

Or Soldier P or Soldier E
on their shooting spree
with Soldier J?
They shot men dead as they ran away

Can't exonerate them all
Soldier F can take the fall
Army brass repel all boarders
Close ranks round those who gave the orders

Families bereft
No trust is left
Is justice deaf?
Soldier F

© Janine Booth

Janine Booth is a Marxist motormouth who lives in London but travels around stirring up trouble, ranting, rhyming and revolting. She has four published poetry books, plus numerous contributions to anthologies and journals. More here: