Friday, 8 March 2019

Valuable Cowry Peace ♀

In Kapauku or Ekari
a language of Indonesia "muka" means peace
"mukamuka" is a great peace or peace that comes after war
the words tell you something 
about what is important to this island nation
"muka" also means a valuable cowry 
perhaps a homonym 
or just describing how peace can be found 
in "tedu" calm waters
and how it can be lost
when everyone wants what is valuable
in a place where not that many years ago
a woman could be bought 
for one string of shells

© Kimberly Burnham

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A war chief, with his hair pig-greased, with a group of men, inhabitants from a village in the Baliem Valley, in the central mountain range of Papua New Guinea, on Feb 20, 1962, gather together, wearing nothing except a penis tube. The chief wears a string of Cowry shells around his neck, Cowry shells are the currency of the people in the valley. A woman may be bought for one string of shells. (AP Photo) 

Kimberly is a brain health expert and poet. Kimberly's 2019 project is world peace / inner peace with her recently published book, Awakenings: Peace Dictionary, Language and the Mind, a Daily Brain Health Program.