Friday, 22 March 2019


Someone who supports the naked 
emperor wants me to die
or so he tweets,
and I think of the places
of worship filling up
with bullets,
filling up with flames—
all those houses of god,
all those faces:
god's faces.

If I sleep,
someone’s dream 
of a border wall built 
out of cages 
haunts me.
Each cage is a group
of children
a chorus of babies
claxon into the desert wind.
Their faces are caked with dirt
and tears. And I say,
God’s faces.

Their parents gone.
My parents are gone too,
lucky to have died believing
in our better country,
where our ancestors died
fighting against dictators
and imperialists. 
I remember the story 
of my great uncle
burning in the Pacific.

I think of the reservations
that became internment camps—
good citizens kept
in pens for being a color,
for being immigrants.
In my American dream,
a bomb pushes everything
away for miles
and turns the sand to glass.

Tonight the emperor is doing
a slight of hand—
an invisible 3-card Monty,
he tells us each card is 
like a stealth fighter.
He says, just trust me,
everybody's a winner!
He looks at us in the eye
and demands, Tell me 
what you want To hear.
He throws an invisible ball
into the air, some us look
where there is nothing,
I watch him fill his pockets
with cash. Everybody's a winner!
if you can believe 
he’s wearing clothes.

© J.P. Dancing Bear

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