Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Ee By Gum

Ee by gum, what will become
Of ISIS mum, Shamima Begum

She pleads ...

I was only fifteen young and naive
When I packed up my bags and decided to leave
But as it turns out I was tricked and deceived
By ISIS propaganda and glossy make believe

I had a good time in Syria but lately it's rough
So I want to come home now cos I've had enough
I'd appreciate some sympathy as I've had it tough
Please come get me, my baby, my baggage and stuff

The Kurdish don't want me nor do the Dutch
The Bangladeshis have not yet been in touch
All I have are these straws at which I clutch
Cos I'm certain the Brits don't like me that much

In fact I'm fairly sure that I am despised
On account of the fact that I'm radicalised
And thought the Ariana Grande atrocity was justified
You know a tooth for tooth and an eye for an eye

Ee by gum, what will become
Of Isis Mum Shamima Begum

© John Mcdonough

Shamima Begum: 'We should live in Holland' says IS husband

John has been writing poetry for 30 years. His style is urban/performance poetry. He subtitles his spoken word for the benefit of the hard of hearing and those that struggle with dialect, John's is Mancunian.