Thursday, 14 March 2019


On the edge
that’s where I started.

A small island between 
oceans and continents. 

Our untamed west coast 
home to puffins, red deer 
indolent grey seals.

In my Dublin school there were
debates about joining
about progress, solidarity.

I fell in love with Europe
boulevards, Beethoven 
harmony, peace
and many tongues 
                in accord.

Later, kindred Glasgow
welcomed me
            became home.

Europe constantly at the core 
of work, of my future.

Now borders are back.
                        Hearts closed. 
People talk about others.

I’m bereft
             in double measure.

© Rona Fitzgerald

What happens now that May's Brexit deal has been defeated again?

Rona has poems in UK, Scottish, Irish and US publications. Highlights include the Stinging Fly 2011, Aiblins: New Scottish Political Poetry 2016, Oxford Poetry 2017, Poems for Grenfell Tower, Onslaught Press 2018 and #Me Too, Fair Acre Press, 2018.