Saturday, 23 March 2019

Crying Out

This is not a sonnet, a gigan, a bop
    but a first step

After  Michael Cohen's televised hearing
 on 2/27, Elijah Cummings, the Chairman
 of the Intelligence Committee gave us
 a glimpse of truth telling:
 a no bullshit speech of stuttering,
 sincerity, eloquence.

 No teleprompter for Cummings,
who said this is not the first hearing,
 telling the story of a mother who 
 could not get 333 dollars for her
 daughter's insulin and watched her
 die, told us what was sad about Cohen
 was watching him leave the court 
 holding his daughter's arm, a child
 who wore braces. Always the children.

 Cummings spoke of the return
 to a new normal, asked how
 a president who, according to the
 Washington Post, has lied over 8
 thousand times, how could that man
 lead our country.  

 My husband, who will turn 80 in May,
 said, He hopes to see the New Normal,
 wants his children and grandchildren
 to live in a democracy that values
 the constitution, respects truth.

  Martin Luther King said,
 "Faith is taking the first step
 even when you don't see
             the staircase."

© Mare Leonard

You need to listen to Rep. Cummings' closing remarks

Mare lives and works in the Hudson Valley where she is  an Associate of the Institute for Writing and Thinking and the MAT programs at Bard College. She has published chapbooks of poetry at 2River,Pudding HouseAntrim House Pressand Red Ochre Lit and The Dark Inside My Hooded Coatis available from Finishing Line Pressand from her website:www Mare Finally she was nominated for a pushcart in 2018 for a poem published in The Pickled Body.