Monday, 4 March 2019

Beyond this

It was from the beginning
hard to be human; 
to exist in peace 
between the angels 
and the beasts.

In the West we found 
our way to live – in freedom 
under the law, within nations.

But, by Christ, there were always
complications, from the day Constantine
was acclaimed emperor in Eboracum,
to when we built our own empire –
the biggest, the British.

Then the EEC, transmuting into the EU,
and ‘ey up, ooooh, not sure about this,
but it’s here for the foreseeable. Errr, wait!
Some posh Tories aren’t happy, so we must
give The People their say 
to leave or to remain.

Summer of 2016. The Brits, 
by a slim majority, vote leave,
starting a most uncivil war, 
producing much fatiguing detail,
family feuding, and that world first –
a form of Machiavellian politics
that proved to be boring! 

2019 dawned, bringing bad deals
bad feeling, bad dancing,
and the sea off Dover becomes
too much of a channel for many.

Humanity. It feels more global,
like we’ve now gone beyond nations.
It’s complicated, but there is one
thing that needs to be done quickly
regarding Brexit. Let’s do it.
Let’s call the whole thing off!

© Stephen Regan

Brexit: Theresa May facing no-deal revolt after cabinet meets

Stephen's poetry has appeared in: Envoi, Best of Manchester Poets Vol 2 anthology, The Quality of Mersey anthology, Reach Poetry, Killing the Angel and Dove Tales.