Monday, 11 March 2019

Batang Toru dam and the Tapanuli orang utan

This rain forest


a new species of orang utan,
Sumatran tigers
and so many others
we barely know


for the sake of electricity
in a place that has enough
in a world that needs
to learn to consume less.

By the time
the striking children
will be old enough
to save us
it will be too late

we will all have drowned.

© Juliet Wilson

World’s rarest orangutan under threat in Indonesia after court battle against dam fails

How the Batang Toru megadam threatens a new orangutan species with extinction

Juliet Wilson is a writer, crafter, adult education tutor and conservation volunteer, based in Edinburgh UK. Her writing has been published widely, most recently in Mslexia. She blogs at and tweets @craftygreenpoet.