Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Unimportant Death

I’m not a vacuous “celebrity”
from one of those “reality” shows.
I’m not some famous person
who scores spectacular goals.
I’m not someone tall and stunning
striding down the catwalk.
I’m not some rich politician
who needs an audience when he talks.
I’m not an erudite professor
with something deep and meaningful to say.
I’m not a religious leader
who beseeches us to pray.
I’m not a first class student
lost after his night out.
I’m not a brave police officer
killed by some drunken lout.

I get three column inches
hidden on page sixteen,
‘cos I am just a nobody
that no-one’s ever seen.

I’m just a young teenager
who hardly anyone knows,
so I don’t get the headlines.
Why’s that, do you suppose?

© Peter Jones

Boy, 15, found dead in Devon seaside town
(Search: 'Tyler Peck' for original Guardian article)

Peter took up writing poetry and short stories after retiring as a lecturer in employment law. He’s the Secretary of Pinboard Writers in Mold and prefers it to work.