Monday, 11 February 2019


...everything’s peachy-dory...’ – Donald Trump, 10 January 2019. for money for the wall, the barrier, whatever you want to call it... They can name it whatever; they can name it peaches.’ – Donald Trump, 11 January 2019.

Donald Trump wants something
– a big, tall something – 
to stop brown people
from getting in.

Call it a wall,
call it a barrier,
call it a fence.
Call it peaches.

Then he can make America
all gleaming white again:
as white as the skin
of the mighty White House.

Call it hunky-dory,
call it hunky-peachy,
call it peachy-dory.
Call it peaches.

But just now there’s something
on soft footsteps approaching
along the empty corridors
towards the Oval Office.

Call it a subpoena,
call it an indictment,
call it an impeachment.
Call it peaches.

© David Bateman

New subpoena signals Trump’s legal woes will outlast Mueller

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