Saturday, 9 February 2019

More talks to break deadlock

She's on her travels yet again

For talks to break the deadlock

Yet while she's on the Brussels train

The Brexit clock goes tick tock.

The WASPI women wait in vain

For pensions they can't unlock

Their money's gone for other's gain

In bungs, the nation's in hock.

Was the money spent in vain?

Can we from Europe unlock?

'A special place in hell' the gain

For Brexiteers in the dock.

Will it be worth the nation's pain

To stand alone on these rocks?

You can't yet know if you were sane

When you ticked 'leave' in a box.

When March winds cede to April rain

Will all the world Great Britain mock?

Or will she travel yet again

Her head against a wall to knock?

© Lesley Webb

Lesley is a member of the Gillingham (Dorset) Writing Group, she writes poetry and fiction
and has had a Pocket Novel and a short story published recently.